10 Great Mudroom Ideas

With construction in our house taking FOREVER I have been dying to do something around here. I hate that I can’t control the projects being done by our contractor, especially when we feel like at this point, we could have been done if we did it ourselves, so I’m eager to start a project that I can control. 
The previous owners of our house added a huge new kitchen addition a few years ago. The old kitchen sits just outside the new kitchen and still has the original cabinets on one side but nothing on the other since that was where the stove and refrigerator used to sit. We also have to walk through this room to exit the back of the house and go into the basement so we thought it would be perfect as a mudroom. 
This weekend we started on this room by painting the walls. I still want to repaint the old cabinets and we have to build the entire mudroom portion but I am so excited Travis agreed to finally start this. 
I am PRETTY sure what I want in the mudroom area but I still took to Pinterest to narrow down everything and while I was there, I thought I would share some different mudroom options that may work in your home.
If you plan on pinning any of these ideas, please pin directly from the site below each photo OR pin the image above.  

The one is very close to what we want to build with a few modifications. 
The cubbies below and bench we like. I love the corbels but the cubbies on top are too big for our liking so we’ll shrink those down  and since we have high ceilings we’ll just have wall above it. Then I want to add tall cabinets for storage on either side. That’s the plan right now at least! lol
 Hopefully we’ll get going on the whole built in soon so stay tuned for the full reveal in the coming weeks!


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