12 Month Adventures of Miss S

You guys, Miss S officially turned 1 on Saturday. 🙁
I tried to slow time down and it just wouldn’t listen and my baby isn’t a baby anymore but she will always be my baby girl.
I can’t believe that this past year flew by as fast as it did. 
Before I get into ALL the details of her first birthday, I want to share her last month of babyhood adventures before entering into the world of toddler. 
 On her birthday, we had to do her monthly photo shoot to round out the year.
Had to change up our photo location since we are in TN at my parent’s house.
Probably a good thing this is our last shoot- she is getting hard to photograph! 
She suddenly discovered Oscar’s cage and the fact that she could get in it to play. 
She loves getting in there, talking, and opening and closing the door.

Her hair is finally getting long enough to get bed head. Still a ways to go before it is anything like Miss P’s but it is definitely getting longer and thicker! 
She sported her Halloween costume for a little photo shoot with big sis before heading out for a fun night at Boo at the Zoo.
She had a fun night at Boo at the Zoo with her boyfriend, Mr. J, seeing all the animals, and feeding the giraffes.
 She found my glitter pumpkins in my autumn decorations and will go over and play with them. 
She even puts them in her mouth and is COVERED in glitter after! 
Notice her smile as well?! That super cute, tight eyes, huge smile started this past month too. 
Before heading to TN, we celebrate her birthday with daddy along with his birthday since we would all be apart for both since he is off training. 
Took her a few to get into present opening but she enjoyed her toy and clothes when they were opened.
And what’s a birthday celebration without some cake?! 
I made her a mini birthday cake to celebrate with daddy and I think she like it! 🙂 
And lastly to round out her month, she got to celebrate her first Halloween AND finally got to meet her cousins for the first time! 
It was super cold, windy night so she didn’t actually go trick or treating but she sure looked cute all dressed up. 
It was so great seeing all the kids together as well. 

Some other fun facts:
-She still isn’t walking but is slowly starting to cruise around the furniture. Doesn’t do it all the often but she will if she really wants something on a table.
-Her two top teeth have popped through so now she has 4.
-She made it to the 16 lb mark before her 1st birthday, barely, but she made it!
-Even though she is petite, she LOVES to eat everything!

I still can’t believe she is one! 
I will be back with a party recap and some fun posts of what I created for the party as well so stay tuned!!


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