125+ Crock Pot Recipes

We officially got dumped on with a ton of snow yesterday and even though Spring is apparently going to come early, I feel like it is still very far away! 
One of my favorite things to use during the cold winter days is my crock pot. It is seriously the best invention ever! I still use it in the summer as well but I put it to work in the winter. In fact, I’ve used it the last 3 days and have more meals planned this week with it. 
I thought I would round up all sorts of yummy Crock Pot recipes for you today. 
Some of these may not state that they are a crock pot recipe but I included them because I actually have cooked them in my crock pot. 
If you are going to pin one of these delicious recipes, please click on the link and pin from the original source OR pin the collage image above. Thanks! 🙂

This is one that I make in the crock pot but doesn’t do it in the recipe and it just falls apart! 
(This is a favorite of ours and actually is one of the meals that I made in my last few days crock pot marathon.)
Just made this as well! 
Another favorite of ours! SOOOOO YUMMY!! 
 On our menu this week! 
I hope that gives you a wide range of ideas for new fun meals to try! 


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