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November 2009


Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that everyone has had a fabulous Thanksgiving. We have a lot to be thankful for this year. I am so happy that we were able to spend another Thanksgiving together this year with Travis being home. I’m thankful for all our new friends we have met and of course our old friends. I am thankful for our families. I am thankful for our two “boys” that entertain us- our dog, Oscar, and our cat, Patton. I am thankful for whatever our future holds and the joys of finding out what that future is.
I hope that everyone else has had a year full of joys that you can be thankful for.
We didn’t do much today for Thanksgiving. Travis’s parents are coming to visit us but couldn’t be here until this weekend so Thanksgiving dinner is going to be on Sunday. Some of our fabulous neighbors did invite us over to eat dinner with them. So our day consisted of watching football, I decorated for Christmas, and hanging out with good friends. Pretty good day after all.

Fall Photo Session

We got some fall pictures taken today. We just went around Fort Eustis seeing where would be a great place to take pictures. We had one of our neighbors take them for us and they turned out pretty well seeing that none of us are photographers! Below are some of my favorites from the day.


The Nor’Easter

A Nor’Easter came through this week. It was rain, rain, and more rain for 3 days straight! And gusts of wind that were pretty scary! These are pictures of our front and backyard covered in leaves and flooded. Notice all the puddles! It was aweful! But we can now say we have been through our first Nor’Easter!


Tennessee Visit

I just got back from a visit to TN this past weekend. It was a fabulous trip of spending time with family and visiting with friends. I got to spend a little time with one of my favorites little guys, my nephew Cooper. It wasn’t enough time but I loved every minute of it!

Cooper and Aunt Alli

I was there for a little over a week and while I was there I went to my friend, Mattie, wedding. The wedding was on Halloween. Travis flew in to TN to meet me and go to the wedding. It was a great night of seeing old friends and of course dressing up in our costumes! 🙂

The bride and Groom, Mattie and Daniel Couser

Top of the Wedding Cake
I’ve Missed this girl OH SO MUCH!

Me with the Bride, Mattie, and Megan

The Vampire and the Witch
Don’t Bite me!! AHHHH!!
Some of my Favorite Ladies! Mattie, Megan and Amanda

I got also got to a sorority sister’s bridal shower. It was so great to see all of my sorority sisters while at Heather’s shower. I wish we lived closer so I could see them all more often!

All the ladies at the shower
Kayla and I

Heather and I, the Bride to be

I Caved In!!

So I have been thinking about starting a family blog for a while now and finally decided to sit down and do it! Not sure how much I will get on here but I thought this would be a great way for our family and friends to see what we are up to here in VA and on some of our many adventures, fun or military! Enjoy!! 🙂