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January 2010

    Frustration on the Creative Front!

    So I have had my etsy shop on vacation mode for about a month now. I had really big projects I was working on before the holidays and then went out of town. I was hoping by now I would be back up and running but that just hasn’t gone down like planned. With Travis getting deployed to Haiti and other crazy things going on, I have just now been trying to create new items. I was hoping when I opened back up, I would have new things in my shop so I got out all my supplies and started to get to work. And I have already hit a creative road block! AHHHH!!! And when I do have a fabulous idea that I am super excited about things just go all wrong- such as a piece of paper I was putting on a frame was thinner than normal and wrinkled so bad that I had to tear it off. Now I am totally stumped on what to do with this frame especially since I was so excited about it. I also hate when I finally do come up with and idea and then I can’t figure out how to execute it like in my mind. Oh me… this is why I slacked off on my shop at the end of last year! But I need to push through this block of mine because it was part of my New Year’s resolution to be very productive with my shop this year. So wish me luck!