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September 2010


Pom-Pom Flower T-Shirt Embellishment Tutorial

I shared this tutorial over at A Little Knick Knack earlier today and wanted to share it with you all here too.

Here’s how I added some flower embellishments to a plain t-shirt.

I found these flowers on Little Miss Momma and she used them to make headbands.
I fell in love and wanted to add these to my shirt.

-Two t-shirts- one to cut up, one to use. (I bought the shirts at Michael’s, 2 for $5)
-Fabric Scissors
-Fabric pen (optional)
-Rotary cutter (optional)
-Cutting mat

How to:
I pre-washed both shirts that way if they were to strink they would do it before I started the project.

-To begin, cut up the center of your “cut” tshirt.

-Open up the shirt and flatten out one of the new edges you created.

-Take your rotary cutter or scissors and cut a long strip about 2″ thick from top to bottom of shirt. Cut off the seams at the ends.

-Fold the long strip multiple times to create 2″ squares.

-If you like, you can trace a circle onto your fabric with your fabric pen to cut out.
I just decided to free hand it.

-Separate all the circles.
They don’t have to be perfect but if you want to round them out a little, now it the time to do it.

-Cut out about 20-30 circles. These will be the petals.
-Cut one more circle the size you want your flower. The petals attach to this piece.

-Pick up a circle and pinch in the center forming the petal.

-Thread your needle and sew down the pinch section so it stays together.

-If you check out the Little Miss Momma tutorial, she just used hot glue to do this and create her flower as a whole. I decided that I wanted to sew it all together because I was going to sew the flowers onto the shirt and I wasn’t sure how hot glue would do in the washer. But if you don’t want to sew them to your shirt you can just use the glue.

-All sewed together.

-Sew to the center of large circle you cut for the base.

– Continue attaching the petals placing them close to one another.

-Continue adding the petals until you have the flower size and shape you desire.

-Sew down to shirt. I just hand stitched the back circle to the tshirt.

-If you don’t want to sew them down, you could attach a pin to the back of it and create a brooch so the flower is removable.

-I created another flower using a mix of white fabric and my tshirt fabric.

That’s it!
Just what it needed!
Perhaps a few more? I haven’t decided that yet.

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Blog Swap- A Little Knick Knack

I want to introduce you to Meg. She is a very talented lady and has a cute blog called A Little Knick Knack. I’m over there today so come visit later.
I’ll let Meg take it from here.

Hello all! I’m so excited to be here at Allison’s place today. I just want to take a second and introduce myself. My name is Meg and I live over at A Little Knick Knack.

A Little Knick Knack

I’m a midwest, stay-at-home-mom to three adorable children and in order to keep some sanity, I began to craft. I started my blog at the beginning of the year and I’ve had so much fun with it since! I enjoy doing anything with power tools, sewing, painting, stenciling, fabric-ing, anything really. I hope you enjoy your little tutorial here and can hop on over to my little blog and check it out soon!

Today I’d like to share an incredibly easy, low-stress, festive way to decorate a wreath. I saw this cute idea for a Halloween wreath on Craftaholics Anonymous. Click HERE to see her cute version.

I have a deep and abiding love for the remnants bin at Jo-Ann Fabrics. I found a bunch of hunter green burlap for a mere $2. It was fate! It was MINE. I didn’t know what I would use it for, but I snatched it right up.

See all this lovely fabric I got along with the burlap? Loooove the remnants bin. I’m gonna marry it.

I’ve had this yarn wreath for almost a year now. I’ve enjoyed hanging it in my entryway, but felt it was time to change it up.

After ripping off the chipboard, I tore my burlap into strips. I have to be honest, I didn’t measure, I just began snipping away. I ended up with roughly a dozen 1-inch wide strips, about 8-9 inches long.

Once the cutting was done, I simply tied the burlap strips onto the wreath. No double knots or anything, just a simple once-over will do. Be warned, though, burlap frays easily, so be gentle and if you can, try not to un-do your ties. It may be hard to salvage.

*HINT: I did very loose ties until I was done, then I could easily push and re-arrange the ties until I was sure I had enough on the wreath form.

Once I was done, I used some of my $1 store ribbon to loop through the wreath and hang it on my front door.

So simple, and yet so cute! I love how I can easily change this for the seasons. Right now, it’s set for fall, but I can add a red or burgandy ribbon for Christmas and even add some other trinkets to make it more festive. It suits my purposes for now, and I love it!

I hope you can hop over and join my link party on Fridays called Everything but the Kitchen Sink. It’s for anything and everything and I’d love to see you all there!

A Little Knick Knack

Thanks for having me, Allison! Have a wonderful day!


Thanks for sharing Meg!
That is so cute and so simple!
Everyone go check out Meg’s blog and give her some love!



I am THRILLED with the progress we made with our backyard.

I mentioned that we worked on it 2 weekends ago and we tackled it again this past past weekend. And it is fabulous!

Two weeks ago we tried to level out some of the insane divets in the backyard and put seed down. This weekend we tackled the flower bed that we started right after we moved in.

Here is a before picture of the backyard right after we moved in.
As you can see there are MANY bald spots from our landlords two dogs that lived back here, dug many holes, and created many paths.

And this is the backyard now. 🙂
When we first started digging out the garden, we moved the sod into some of the bare spots so we didn’t have a ton of seed to put down. We did have a large bare spot on the left side of the lawn. You can see a glimpse of some of the stuff that we put down to help.

We finished digging out the whole flower bed. As you can see, we need a few more bags of top soil in the left corner. So close!

We bought some pavers to line the bed. They are actually for patios but I like them so we decided to turn them on their side for the border.

Here is some of the lovely baby grass.
I know I am a dork for taking a pic of our grass but we are so excited something is growing because it has been SO DRY here and we are having to water. I am dreading our next water bill!

I can’t wait to finally buy all the plants and flowers for the bed. It will just look awesome back there! 🙂

I’ll share the progress as we go!

Hope you all had productive weekend too!

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Glitter Pumpkins Tutorial

Happy Friday afternoon everyone! So happy the weekend is almost here and according to the 7 day forecast, cooler weather is just around the corner! YEAH!

I want to share this tutorial. I shared this today over at Oopsey Daisy but just in case you missed it there… here it is again.

Glitter Pumpkins

Here’s how to transform these ugly plastic pumpkins into gorgeous Glitter Pumpkins.
It’s SUPER easy!


– Plastic pumpkin(s) of any size
– Glitter (I love Martha Stewart Glitter)
– Glue (I also love to use Martha Stewart Glitter Glue)

How To:
I highly recommend to put something down in your work area to catch the glitter. They sell pans that are for this but I actually like to just use a cookie sheet with wax paper on it. That way when you are done with one color, you can just pick up the paper and put the extra right back into the glitter bottle.

Also, just be ready to be COVERED in glitter. You will see glitter all over you, your pets, floor, kids, husband- it just appears! lol

Cover the pumpkin with glue.
Work in small sections at a time especially if working with larger pumpkins, otherwise your glue will start to dry before you get the glitter on.

Also, you do not need to put glue on the bottom. Just put glue down far enough where you won’t see anymore of the originally pumpkin.

Cover with glitter and knock off the extra. I chose a shade of orange glitter.

Continue working your way around the pumpkin.
If you accidentally mess up a spot, no biggie, just cover with a little more glue and glitter.

Once you have the main pumpkin done, set aside and let dry.
Depending on how thick your glue is, it can take a few hours to even overnight for the glue to dry.

Once the pumpkins is dry, you can now add glitter to the stem.
I chose a dark brown glitter for the stem.
Knock of the extra, set aside to dry and your done!
You can even add a couple leaves to the top if you like for a little extra embellishment.

From ugly and drab to Gorgeous and Fab!

Add to your decor.

You can glitter larger pumpkins and set them together for a fun grouping.
I’ve shared this before but this is a my set of pumpkins I created two years ago. They are perfect to use outside as well and shimmer so pretty in the sun. They last in the rain just fine, in fact, even after two years they only needed a little touch up.

Now how easy is that and they are oh so fabulous inside or out!
If you make some of your own, I would love to see them!

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Have a great weekend!
See you Monday! 🙂


Blog Swap and Tutorial- Alison from Oopsey Daisy

I want to welcome the fabulously, talented Alison from Oopsey Daisy. Alison is the sweetest and I am happy to call her a friend. Hopefully, one day we can actually meet! 🙂 You can find me over there today sharing a tutorial.

I will let Alison take if from here.

Hello fellow crafters! Today, I am thrilled to be a guest at A Glimpse Inside with my good friend, Allison. We Alison’s stick together! I have been so inspired by Allison and her creations, so this is a real treat for me!
I am Alison, the crazy lady behind Oopsey Daisy. Once upon a time, I was a first grade teacher. Now, I am a happy stay-at-home Mom. I love to make things for the people I love! This is where I find my inspiration:

I am lucky to be married to a wonderful guy who lets me go craft-crazy! He also travels a lot, so my Mod Podge keeps me company! My 19-month-old Little Man keeps me insanely busy. But he also inspired a lot of creativity! Naptime and bedtime are craft time at my house. I make a lot of messes, pull out a lot of stitches, and “oopsey daisy” is the name of my game! I am determined to find beauty in my everyday blunders!
Fall is so delicious to me, and I am a sucker for fall decor! I especially love a good banner or garland to hang across my tiny apartment mantle! Today, I want to share my oh-so-spooky banner with you!
Okay, maybe it’s cute with a slice of spooky on the side!

I created pennant shapes out of cereal boxes! As a crafter, I find myself saving the oddest things, and yes, cereal boxes are one of those things!! I love that it is thicker than cardstock, but still easy to use! I mod podged fun black and white paper on the front and back of each cardstock pennant.

Next, I created scallop shapes on alternating colors of black and white cardstock and mod-podged them onto the center of each pennant. I found the cutest orange chipboard letters to spell out “spooky”!
Next, I lined each pennant shape with orange ribbon. The orange ribbon really made those chipboard letters POP!
Now, I strung all of the pennants together with cute black and white ribbon. I added little ribbon embellishments in between each letter. I found the cutest tiny spools of Halloween ribbon at Hobby Lobby, and this was the perfect way to show it all off!

Doesn’t the banner look lovely with my fabric pumpkins?

I hope you will come join me for more Oopsey Daisy fun! Come along with me for a quick personal tour of my blog:

Each Friday, I share a free download, like the printable numbers for this Halloween advent calendar.
I adore a good vinyl project like this FHE board.
I recently finished TWO quiet books with fun and unique pages like this Mr. Potato Head. I have some printable templates that you can download here.

I have a huge sweet tooth, and I love to share yummy recipes like these snickerdoodle muffins.
Finally, I have started “Mommy School” with my Little Man. I share my ideas and lesson plans at the end of each week. They are adaptable for any age, and easy to fit in to your daily routine!
Oh man, that was so fun! Allison, my friend, thank you for hosting me today! Enjoy your weekend!

That banner is SO cute! Thanks so much Alison for sharing it with us!
Everyone please go visit Oopsey Daisy and check out all of Alison’s adorable projects and give her some love.


{Feature Friday} #3

Ok, ok- I know it is only Thursday but I am doing a blog swap tomorrow with Alison from Oopsey Daisy and I still wanted to share some of the fabulous things that I’ve spotted in the big wide world of blogging this week.

How adorable is this pumpkin wreath?! I love it!
Check it out over at Craft & Sutch.

I am drooling looking at this picture! Cupcakes AND Milky Ways… two of my FAVS!
I will SO have to try these. Learn how to make them over at Inside Brucrew Life.

I love this subway art Emby made after seeing my Spooktacular Subway Art. She repurposed and old shelf and will just display it on a table. Looks fabulous! Check it out at Makin’ Momma B Proud.

I love this Autumn banner. And guess what… it is made from printables. Visit A Holiday Haven to see how it’s made and get the free images to make your own.

How about this perfect centerpiece for a Halloween party. Check it out of at Lil’ Luna.

Can this be made in adult size? PLEASE?
I love how this little dress turned out. All you need is an old tank top and some cute fabric.
Learn how to make it at Our Daily Obsessions.

Babies need cute Halloween clothes too! Check out this adorable onesie at Project Naptime.

Feel free to grab a featured button from my side bar if you like! 🙂

And Happy Fall Everyone!
Today is the first full day of Fall.
Let’s hope for some cooler weather soon! 🙂


I’m Totally a GLEEK!

It’s true!
I LOVE Glee! Even Travis loves Glee!

I am thrilled that it is back on. And the first episode of the season didn’t disappoint.

Here are a few things I love about Glee:

1.) The Cast!
I think this cast couldn’t be any more perfect.
There were a few new faces during last nights episode but I feel like they fit in well.

2.) I love the school guidance councelor, Emma’s, wardrobe. ADORABLE!

3.) The wacky and craziness that is Sue Sylvester.

3.) The over dramatic, Rachel.

4.) All the random awkward goofiness that they incorporate into the show.


5.) Of course the best part of the whole show are the fabulous song and dance numbers. I can’t even imagine how long it takes them to rehearse to get all that down.

Next week is the Britney Spears episode. By the look of the previews it is going to be awesome!

Those are just a few things I love!

Are any of you fellow Gleeks?!


Tasty Tuesday Blog Swap- Envy My Cooking

For today’s Tasty Tuesday, the Ladies from Envy My Cooking are here to share a delicious cake recipe. Welcome Jenny and Karla!

We’re Jenny & Karla, and we are both stay at home moms with two children each. Our girls are both 2 and both our boys are about a year old….very fun. We have a blog called Envy My Cooking, where readers submit their recipes to share! Come visit us, and find something yummy to share with your family!


Strawberry Cheesecake Cake

Cake Ingredients:
-3 eggs
-1 (3 oz box) cheesecake pudding mix
-1 strawberry cake mix
-1/2 c white chocolate chips
-16 oz sour cream
-1/2 c oil
-1/4 c water

-8 oz cream cheese, softened
-1/2 c sour cream
-1 c powdered sugar
-1/2-1 tsp vanilla
-16 oz (or two 8-oz) tub Cool Whip, divided
-Fresh Strawberries

How to:

-Whisk the eggs with the pudding mix.
-Add the remaining ingredients.
-Pour into sprayed bunt pan and bake at 325 for 45 min.
-Cool about 10 min and remove onto a rack to cool completely.

-Mix all the ingredients except cool whip withelectric mixer until smooth.
-Fold in cool whip into filling.
-Spreadover the cake evenly and garnish with fresh strawberries.

Note: If you do not own a bunt pan you can use two 9″ pans and cookfor 30 minutes.


Thanks so much for sharing your recipe with us today ladies!

Everyone, go give Envy My Cooking some love and check out all their other yummy recipes. They have recipes for main dishes, side dishes, and desserts.


Monday, Monday

Hi All!

So it is late in the day but I still wanted to post something today.

I am not sure why but I have just been SO tired today so it has just taken me forever to sit down and do this.

Nothing real exciting to post today.

We had a pretty laid back weekend. Travis got home Friday from a business trip and was sick so we decided to keep it easy.

I worked on some new projects for my etsy shop… yes, I actually do have one of those, we did some things around the house Saturday that needed to be done, then Sunday we tackled our backyard.

Oh, this backyard project! This started shortly after we moved in, in MAY, and it has just been at a standstill since it has been so hot. Do you ever have any projects like that? Well, it was slightly cooler this weekend so we decided to go get some dirt to fill in the many divets that make up our backyard and lay some seed. I was hoping to tackle more but with Travis not feeling good and it was hotter then we both thought it was going to be, we decided to head in and be lazy the rest of the day watching football.

That is pretty much our weekend. What did you do?

Since all posts should have some sort of picture I thought I would share these of our “boys.”

Patton LOVES to sleep in his big brother’s cage. Well for some reason, Oscar decided to join him in there yesterday. We couldn’t find either of them and so we checked in there and just HAD to get a picture of what we found! Aren’t they just the cutest?!

Oh… And I also want to say a big THANK YOU to all of the fabulous blogs that have featured some of my projects lately!