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June 2012


Guest Post: Kristen from My Covered Bridge


Hi!  I’m Kristen from My Covered Bridge!  I’m SO excited to be a guest blogger today at A Glimpse Inside!  Since I’m still pretty new to this blogging world, let me introduce myself.  I’m a happily married stay-at-home mom with four not so little kids.  My husband, Craig, and I are completely remodeling and decorating a home we bought six years ago.  I love diving into these projects – and now I love sharing them with everyone through my blog!

Today, I’d like to share my easy DIY drop cloth laundry tub skirt project

 I needed an inexpensive solution to cover up my old outdated laundry tub.

I used an $8 drop cloth from Home Depot, a little red ribbon, and some velcro.  After cutting my drop cloth to size (making sure to keep the factory hems on the left and bottom sides), I sewed the velcro to the back of the drop cloth – 
Then, using Stitch Witchery, I attached red ribbon to the front for decoration.  
The other side of the velcro went on to the tub (that was easy peel and stick).  And that was it!
The project cost me $22 which was way less than replacing the outdated tub.  And the laundry room looks much more updated!  
I hope you stop by My Covered Bridge – you can see how I turned an old $10 door into my headboard, how I made a dance floor for my daughter’s sweet sixteen party, or what my new kitchen looks like (after we completely gutted the old 1980’s version).  And, of course, I’d like to thank Allison for having me here today! I’ve had so much fun!
Thanks so much Kristen!!



Guest Post: Marie from Scissors and Spoons

 Hi everyone! I am so excited to be here today while Allison is on blogging maternity leave. My name is Marie and I chronicle my efforts to create beauty through cooking and crafting on my blog Scissors and Spoons.

Scissors and SpoonsI enjoy making a mess cooking and crafting and sharing my creations with others. I’d love it if you would stop by my blog and take a look around!

 Marie from 
 Today, I am sharing with you how I made pretty paper butterflies using tape, glue, permanent markers, and pipe cleaners. The paper magnolia in the picture below is from my post on DIY Paper Magnolias.

DIY Paper & Tape Butterflies 

These butterflies cast beautiful shadows when the sun shines through them. They remind me a bit of stained glass.
 DIY Paper & Tape Butterflies 

To make the butterflies, I first drew the silhouette of butterfly wings in Silhouette Studio using the shape drawing tools. I then cut out the butterfly wings on my Silhouette Cameo. If you don’t have a Silhouette you can cut the wings by hand using a craft knife and a mat. 
DIY Paper & Tape Butterflies 
I placed a wing section on a piece of packing tape about two and a half times the size of the section.
 DIY Paper & Tape Butterflies 
I colored the sticky side of the tape inside the wing with a permanent marker. 

DIY paper & Tape Butterflies - Coloring Wing 
Folded the tape over so that the wing section was sandwiched inside the tape. Used the end of a marker to push out any of air bubbles.
DIY paper & Tape Butterflies - Wing
 Cut the excess tape from around the wing. I repeated the above steps with the remaining three wing sections. 
DIY Paper & Tape Butterflies - Wing

Looped the end of a pipe cleaner to make the body of the butterfly and cut off the excess. 
DIY Paper & tape Bufferlies - Body
Used a hot glue gun to glue the wings to the body and a suction cup to the butterfly. I attached small suctioned cups to some of my butterflies so that I could hang them in the window, but I think they’d also be cute hung on a mobile, incorporated into a paper flower bouquet, or used in place of a bow on a gift. In my post today on Scissors and Spoons, I describe how I used these butterflies to make a Butterfly Jar
DIY paper & Tape Butterflies
To make the butterflies, I used the following: Black paper, clear packing tape, permanent markers, scissors, pipe cleaners, hot glue gun and glue, template (not to scale), Silhouette Cameo (you could also use a craft knife and mat), and small suction cups. 
Please stop by Scissors and Spoons to check out some of my other project tutorials:
DIY Framed Chalkboard 
  DIY Vintage Button Flowers 
Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe
Thanks for reading everyone! 
And Allison, thanks for having me here on A Glimpse Inside. I hope that you are enjoying spending time with Baby M. Congratulations and best wishes to you and your family!
Thanks for sharing Marie!



Catch a Glimpse Party #86

It’s time to party!
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Guest Post: Gail from My Repurposed Life


Hello there! I’m happy to be here to do a guest post for Allison as she is taking some time off to spend with that precious little angel! Congrats Allison, I sure hope you’re enjoying this special time!

I’m Gail from My Repurposed Life.  It’s a pleasure to meet A Glimpse Inside friends!  My Repurposed Life is your daily does of inspiration, tutorials and giveaways.  Learn  to DIY on a budget by transforming secondhand finds. 

Americana Flag (Repurposed Fence) (25)Today, I’m going to show you how to make this Americana Flag from an old privacy fence I reclaimed. 

100_9299My friend was going to take this fence down and asked if I wanted it.  Of course I did, I rarely turn down free stuff!

Americana Flag (Repurposed Fence) (2)I chose some great pieces for this project.  I measured and marked the pieces at 36 inches.


Americana Flag (Repurposed Fence) (3)I cut my fence boards on my compound miter saw. However you could use a handsaw or a jigsaw.

Americana Flag (Repurposed Fence) (5)I gathered my paint and tools. I used Folk Art by Plaid.  I love these cheap “chip” brushes for quick paint projects where you don’t want full coverage. 

Americana Flag (Repurposed Fence) (7)I laid my boards out.

Americana Flag (Repurposed Fence) (8)Using the Folk Art paint and a little water, I used the chip brush to apply the watered down paint . . . . 

Americana Flag (Repurposed Fence) (9). . . to every other board.  You’ll notice that some of the boards are very faded, and almost white, those are the ones I decided to use for the white stripe.

Americana Flag (Repurposed Fence) (10)Watering the paint down allows it to soak into the boards, for a more weathered look.

Americana Flag (Repurposed Fence) (11)I did the same thing with the white paint.

Americana Flag (Repurposed Fence) (12)I measure the height of the flag to get the support boards.

Americana Flag (Repurposed Fence) (14)I cut three more pieces of the old fence for the back of the flag.  Because this fence is aged already, I drill a pilot hole so the screws won’t split the boards.

Americana Flag (Repurposed Fence) (15) I drilled the screws into each and every board.

Americana Flag (Repurposed Fence) (16)You can see I spaced the three brace boards out on the back of the flag.

Americana Flag (Repurposed Fence) (17)I made my blue portion of the flag 12×12.

Americana Flag (Repurposed Fence) (18)I used the same technique, using the paint watered down, applying it with the chip brush.

Americana Flag (Repurposed Fence) (19)I located a pattern online for a large star.  I printed it out, then cut it out with scissors.  If you don’t have a printer, you can actually lay a piece of paper right on your computer monitor and  carefully trace it with a pencil.

Americana Flag (Repurposed Fence) (20)I used the watered down white paint, and the chip brush to “stencil” the star onto the blue paint.

Americana Flag (Repurposed Fence) (23)Voila!  One great Americana Flag!

Americana Flag (Repurposed Fence) (26)I drilled two small holes in the top and threaded some wire through, and then curled the ends to hold the wire onto the flag.

Americana Flag (Repurposed Fence) (28)I hope you liked this quick tutorial.  My Repurposed Life is all about tutorials.  I do a full tutorial on each and every project I show on My Repurposed Life. 

project collageHere are a few of the items I have repurposed.  Headboard Bench, Bushel and a Peck sign, Guitar Clock, Toy Box, Magazine Rack.
If you see something you like, hop on over to check it out.  I love making new friends! Want to know more about My Repurposed Life, you can join the conversation on Facebook.

Thank you Allison for letting me guest post today!  I hope you all have a very safe and fun 4th of July next week.  You have just enough time to make your own flag!  
That looks fabulous Gail! 
Thanks for sharing!  



Guest Post: Robin from Garage Sales R Us

 Hello A Glimpse inside readers!  My name is Robin and I am so excited to share a guest post with you all today!
 I blog over at Garage Sales R Us where I share with everyone my experiences and the amazing things I find each week while garage saleing. I also love to show everyone what I do with the things I find. I love to upcycle furniture.  I just finished with a dresser and two night stands I found at a garage sale for $15 dollars! Click Here for that project.
I also love to show off the fashion I find at garage sales and second hand stores through my Fashion on a Dimes and Kid’s Corner.
The total cost of my outfit was $17.50! Click here to find out where I bought everything!

This is my daughter Paisley. Her total outfit cost is $2.25! Click Here to find out where I bought it.
Today I am going to share with you my latest Fashion on a Dime. I hate spending ridiculous amounts of money on clothes, which is why I buy most of my clothes and my families clothes at garage sales and second hand stores! I will be breaking down each piece of my outfit to let you know what I paid and where I bought it!

Financial stats for this outfit are:
White t-shirt- $2.50 at Savers
Teal and knit vest- .50 at a garage sale!
True Religion capris- $7 dollars at a garage sale!!! (When I bought these the zipper was broken on them so I took them into my alterations lady who fixed them for $15) The total amount I spent on my True Religion jean capris was $22.
White and brown flats- $4 dollars at Deseret Industries (just like a Good Will)
Brown leather bracelet- .50 cents at a garage sale
Pearl bracelet- $5.00 off Ebay
My total outfit cost is $34.50! My DPWF (Dress Per Wear Factor) is $3.50!
Buying clothes for your family doesn’t have to break the bank! I hope I can inspire you to get out there and start thrifting to see what you can find! We would love to have you over on our blog! Stop by and follow so you can see all the other amazing things we do!

Thanks so much for sharing Robin!!



Guest Post: Ashley from Cherished Bliss

 Hello everyone! I’m so excited to be here today while Allison is out enjoying her new little bundle of joy! I’m Ashley, and I blog over at Cherished Bliss
I can’t wait for my next baby!… meanwhile I’m still decorating my baby girl’s room
(when I say baby I mean 2)
Can I still call it a nursery? I hold her all day, she sleeps in her crib and we can’t leave the house without a blankie… I can call it a nursery right?! : )Well…. I’m in LOVE with this frame wall in her nursery.
I don’t know what it is about a bunch of empty frames on a wall that are so appealing to me!
Cherished Bliss Shabby Chic - {Frame Wall}
Her room is kind of my favorite… it is after all what started me in my crafting adventures. I was determined to have her bedding the way I wanted it.. and that is how I taught myself to sew! If you want to check it out, you can click here. Of course we have moved twice since… in the second house it looked like this, then we moved to Wisconsin before I could finish it! I’m not really a fan of packing and unpacking! So here we are.. in Wisconsin and are probably looking at moving within the next year (buying instead of renting) So let’s see if I finish it off! I did my frame wall that I was wanting to do so I am one step closer! Shabby Chic Nursery Gallery Wall
While I was hanging these frames, I realized that frame walls are perfect for me.. they don’t have to be perfect! Because if you know me, I HATE taking the time to measure and level and all that stuff… I just want to see the finished product! I found this to be right up my alley! Although I did put some thought into it see….
Lay out on floor
But I ended up switching a few things around (not necessarily on purpose now that I look at the photos, haha) NOW if you are a little more particular or the style doesn’t make sense for imperfections then I have this handy dandy method I THOUGHT about using. I never actually hung the pictures because well… we moved. But I’m going to one day!
Ok, so here are the steps that I took to get to this
Nursery Gallery Wall
Buy a ton of ugly frames at garage sales and thrift shops.
Paint them whatever color your heart desires
Lay it out on the floor until it looks like you want, and hang them up in somewhat of the same fashion using these fantastic-ly awesome picture hanging strips
Get some old embroidery hoops and put some fabric in them, trim off any excess. (I used nails to hang these)
Cherished Bliss - Embroidery hoop gallery wall
Create something fun in one of the frames
Framed Banner
I made these little fabric bunting. I MAY or may not have cheated a little here. That wire was already there 🙂 BUT good news… you can totally add a wire, or some bakers twine to yours! Then I tore some strips of fabric scraps that I have been hoarding since I made her crib bedding. Then I took my mini (adorable) clothespins and folded it over the wire, clipped the pin down and looky there! Something fun in a frame : ) : )
Scrappy Framed Banner
I love mini versions of things that are bigger… those clothespins alone make me want another newborn baby!
Framed Scrappy Banner
Cherished Bliss- Shabby Chic Room
I hope you will stop by sometime and say Hi! I love meeting new people : )
You can see a few of my tutorials below…
(click the pictures)
Pink Lemonade Mason Jars MAIN_edited-1 Fabric Lined Drawers Paper Flower Tutorial 
If you had fun reading through my craziness I’d love to have you follow along and get to know you better!!
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Super cute Ashley! Thanks for sharing! 🙂



Guest Post: Jen from Projects for Preschoolers

Jen Goode is both geek and creative, a professional artist combing the
worlds of internet marketing with art to share her passion for
creativity. She is a work-at-home mom of three, social media
enthusiast and the “doodler in charge” of JGoode
, a Denver based art and design studio. Jen’s work has been
published in a number of magazines and is a featured contributor for
sites around the web. 
Although Jen is now all grown up and professional, it all started when
she was just a kid. She’s passionate about sharing creative
inspiration no matter the age. She hopes to inspire parents to get
creative with their kids at Projects for Preschoolers
There are so many times we go places with our kids and they want us to entertain them, but we can’t. Whether you’re on a road trip, grocery shopping or sitting quietly at church, young kids can’t quite entertain themselves yet and hand held electronics aren’t always the best answer. I used to find myself constantly handing out some kind of food to keep the kids busy – cheerios, yogurt puffs, whatever. As they get older it’s so easy to give them your phone or an iPad to keep them occuped. These aren’t horrible options, but why not give them good ol’ fashioned crayons and paper? teach them to doodle! (Even if you think you can’t, you can doodle too). 
Why not inspire a little creativity and create a mini activity bag to take on these outtings… just the right size for little hands, and fun for them to put together too! 

You could grab a little notebook and put it in a little bag and call it done. Or, you could turn this mini activity bag into a fun craft project too. All of the items we used for this activity bag can be found at the Dollar Tree – bonus! Get creative, or rather, encourage your kids to get creative decorating both the bag and the notebook. Here’s how…

Materials you need: 

  • Assorted paper cut to size 
  • 1 piece of craft foam or cardboard for cover 
  •  1 Chenille stem 
  • Craft foam stickers 
  • Additional bag items: Assorted stickers and crayons 
  • Plus – hole punch and scissors 

Steps to make your own mini activity bag and sketch book: 

  1. I used both construction paper and standard white copy paper at 8.5×11” size. I cut the paper into fourths to make. You can adjust the size as you’d like. Alternate the colored paper with white paper so there is more interesting paper options for sketching. 
  2. Punch 3 holes along one edge of the paper. 
  3. Fold a piece of craft foam to create the notebook cover. Punch holes where appropriate. 
  4. Place stack of paper inside the cover. 
  5. Thread a small piece of the chenille stem through each hole, twist to create a loop and trim, making sure not to leave any sharp edges. 
  6.  Decorate cover with foam stickers 
  7. Decorate bag with foam stickers
If you have older kids, try using fabric markers and craft foam markers to decorate each piece. 
Giving your kids the opportunity to make something uniquely theirs is a great way to get them involved and encourage their creativity. Something as simple as a little notebook can become so much more special when they add their own individual touch to make it their own. 
The best part, these mini bags are so inexpensive you can create more than one. Change up the stickers and crayon colors. Consider printing free coloring pages at 25% size to add into your mini books too. Include new items so each bag is new and different. You can turn the typical idea of coloring into more of a surprise treat and your kids will love it! 
Thanks Jen! 



Guest Post: Rachel from Thrifty Inspirations

Hey everybody! I am so excited to be here at A Glimpse Inside to help Allison out while she is on her maternity leave.  Congratulations and thank you!!

A little about me! My name is Rachel and my little slice of blogland is Thrifty Inspirations. I started my blog earlier this year with the intention of having it just for friends and family to keep up with my many projects. It has been so much fun I just can’t stop! Now I’ve got big dreams! My blog is dedicated to frugal and budget friendly ways to improve your home, dotted with furniture restoration and other goodies I find. Please stop by, I’d love to have you!
I’m here today to share with you how a little innovation and some spray paint can go a long way.
I was reading an article the other day about sprucing your front door.
One of the things I learned from the article is you should chose colors that echo your exterior.
We have a nice rich red brick home, so I decided to work that up.
Here is the horrible ‘before’ shot. I almost didn’t want to show you guys!
1.) Wreath that hasn’t been changed in a year.
2.) Painted the door 2 years ago and I have never cleaned it. It’s disgusting.
3.) Bought the mat at Costco because it was big and cheap. I’ve never been crazy about the colors.
4.) While adorable, this flag is totally faded. Sorry flag, you gotta go.
5.) My almost dead hydrangea. (I went out of town and forgot to ask someone to water it. Oops!)
6.) There is nothing to make the door look grand or impressive. No planters or decor. Bor-ing!
I like to spend time in the veggie garden and in the perennial garden, but my front door…
Ugh, I didn’t know where to start or what to do.
Something sparked when I found a pair of ceramic pots in the garage whilst perusing for paint.
So the wheels started turning… into this.
Hideous, I know.
Stick with me.

Insert Krylon Spray Paint for Plastic in Gloss Red!
It’s summer. 4th of July is right around the corner. Red goes great with our brick.
It just seemed like a good fit!
I went to Olde Time Pottery and browsed their garden area and found some great ficus plants for 30% off an already 20% off. I think I paid $8 each for a 3 gal ficus? Not too shabby!
I bought some 25 cent Impatients in Candy Apple Red to go in the pots too.
I already had some Caladiums growing in the pots before, but they weren’t filling out enough.
I just threw the Ficus plant in the middle and surrounded it with the Caladiums and Impatients.
While I was there I found some red decor flowers for my wreath.
All I did was pull off the blue one and add some more red ones.
Hot glue makes wreaths easy peasy!
I had some gloss black Rustoleum spray paint laying around in the garage.
Never a bad thing to have around, you know!
I just laid out the rug and sprayed it black.
Much better! It had a tuscany vibe before that just didn’t work.
The black is much more bold and fitting for our porch.
Here are some ‘after’ and much improved (in my opinion) photos!
Recapping the ‘before’…
And the now ‘after’.
I’m much happier walking up to my front door now!
I spent $22 at Olde Time Pottery and $6 in spray paint.
So the whole gig was $28? I’m happy.
Thanks so much for having me Allison, and you all of you guys for reading along!
I feel so fortunate for this opportunity for my little blog, Thrifty Inspirations!!
Thanks so much Rachel! 
It looks great!



Catch a Glimpse Party #85

It’s time to party!
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5.) And most importantly… HAVE FUN!!



Guest Post: Cyn from Creative Cynchronicity

  Hi, I’m Cyn from Creative Cynchronicity. I’ve been crafting for as long as I can remember, learning my skills alongside my parents and grandparents. I’m a former teacher who was sidelined by a car accident and immersed myself into crafting and blogging as a way to keep busy. Now, it’s pretty much become a full-time job and I’m loving every minute of it. I just love flowers – real flowers, fabric flowers, felt flowers, paper flowers, you name it – and I’m often incorporating flowers into my craft projects.

For these projects, the flowers are the focus of the whole creation. They are quick and easy to make and have so many applications. In the picture above, you can see two pretty little projects I made with felt flowers. First is three little felt flowers attached to a hair barrette. For the second project, I attached a pin-back to one of the flowers to create a brooch that was then attached to a greeting card – birthday card and gift all in one! 
 For this last project, I made a felt flower ring using a white pull tab from a juice container as the base.


To make these flowers, all you need is some felt, a pair of scissors, and some glue (I recommend one of Aleene’s Tacky Glues). For a folded felt flower (the one with the loopy petals) about 1- 1 1/4 inches in diameter, you’ll need a strip of felt roughly 1 inch by 6 inches. Place some dabs of glue along each of the long edges of the felt strip and fold it in half lengthwise. Make little snips along the folded edge to form a fringe. Then roll up the felt, adding more dabs of glue along the straight edge to hold it in place. Fluff out the “petals” (the fringe you cut). For the flower with the fringed petals about 1 – 1 1/4 inches in diameter, you’ll need a strip of felt roughly 1/2 to 3/4 by 6 inches. This time, you don’t fold the felt strip in half. Instead, simply begin making the little snips along one long edge of the felt to form a fringe. As with the first flower, start to roll up the felt strip, adding dabs of glue along the edge as you go. Fluff out the petals. 
For more variation on either of these types of flowers, you can make diagonal cuts instead of straight, all in one direction or in alternating directions. You can also vary the look of the flowers by making the fringe cuts wider or narrower. Try out these same flowers using paper or fabric in place of the felt. Use in scrapbooking, on picture frames, to top a gift box, a headband, and for many more projects beyond just jewelry! Thanks so much Allison for allowing me to be a guest blogger for her today. I’d love for you all to come visit me at Creative Cynchronicity.