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December 2013


Double Choco-Cookies from Busy Mom’s Helper

 Dani from Busy Mom’s Helper is here with a cookie recipe for you all today. Take it away Dani.
Hey Ya’all! I’m Dani from over at Busy Mom’s Helper, and I’m uber excited to be here! CONGRATS to Allison for her new little bundle. Mommy hood is one of the best (and craziest) things in the world!
Today I’m going to be sharing a FABULOUS recipe, definitely one for all those chocolate-lovers out there (ya, I’d live on chocolate if I could)
Double Choco-Cookies
Makes about 2 dozen cookies

1 cup Butter, softened
3 cups Light Brown Sugar
1 cup Baking Cocoa Powder
4 Eggs
1/2 tsp. Salt
1 1/2 tsp. Baking Powder
4 cups All-Purpose Flour
1 cup Chocolate Chips
Optional: Caramel, Marshmallows, Hot Fudge Sauce, Peanut Butter


Preheat oven to 350 Degrees F. Spray or line two baking trays, then set aside.
Use a fork to ‘smoosh’ the Butter, Brown Sugar and Eggs together. 
Mix in the Cocoa, Salt and Baking Powder.
Mix in the Flour, then once that’s incorporated stir in the chocolate chips.
If you’re adding an ‘Optional’, stir that in now. We’ve tried all four, and they all turned out fabulous!
Form the dough into 1″ balls, then press them slightly down on the baking trays.
Bake for 8-10 minutes.
Thanks so much everyone, and hope to see (well, you know what I mean) you again!!!

Thanks for sharing Dani!! Those look delicious!



DIY Gallery Wall from Quirky Cool Blog

Kimberly from Quirky Cool Blog is here with an easy DIY Gallery Wall tutorial for you today.
Hey everyone I’m Kimberly Noelle from Quirky Cool Blog! I’m so excited to be here helping out Allison while she spends time with her new baby! 
Today I’d  like to share with you a quick, affordable and may I say beautiful Diy gallery wall I came up with for my main wall in my living room. It would even be a great gift for those decorating enthusiasts and nature lovers!
I love books, I especially love old books with vintage prints. I had recently picked up a variety of bird and butterfly vintage print books at a local flea market. I was hoping to find some vintage botanical books with prints but I wasn’t lucky enough. However, I’m still on the hunt! I love birds, I love flowers, and I love anything to do with nature when it comes to paintings, and pictures, and art, so I figured what a great way and affordable way to display a beautiful book of art on a wall. This is something you could do with any type of vintage book full of pictures and prints. I’ve seen some pretty cool old children’s books that would be fantastic to cut and frame for a child’s bedroom.

The vintage bird and insect books I picked up at our local flea market. I scored all 4 for less than 20 dollars.

I picked up some white frames with white matting from Michaels. They were on sale for 6 dollars.  I knew I wanted to do a gallery wall so I picked up 4 one week and then decided I needed to add to the wall and picked up 4 more  the following week. I simply marked my favorite pictures, cut them with a razor and framed them. It was that easy! You can even get the smaller frames for smaller prints. Such a great way to display art from a book (if you don’t mind cutting pages out).

I even scored these two task lamps for 15 bucks at Ross! I have been wanting a few for so long but couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on them. They can be pricey!

A big Thank You to Allison for allowing me to share my project on her blog. Please stop by anytime over at Quirky Cool Blog for Diy’s, crafts, and upcycles.
Peace In Love Always,

It looks fabulous Kimberly! Thanks for sharing!



Year in Review Photo Albums from Thrifty Crafty Girl

 Welcome Prscilla from Thrifty Crafty Girl! 

Hi “A Glimpse Inside” readers!  
I’m Priscilla from Thrifty Crafty Girl and I’m guest posting today!  I hope you come visit me soon!


I hope you are all finishing up your holiday preparations and getting ready for that jolly ol’ chubby elf to slide down your chimney!  A word of advice:  Don’t leave a fire in the fireplace that night… a charred Santa is no bueno.

I don’t know about any of you out there, but I have trouble figuring out presents for the grandmas… they are hard to shop for!  And my mother-in-law made matters even worse this year by requesting, “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men”.  That’s a tall order, even for my vast capabilities.

I decided early this year that a photo album of the kids would be a good idea.  Through the year, we take lots of photos, so I thought I would make that their present: a grandkids year-in-review, if you will.  And if you do it right, it can cost only a few dollars!

I found some little photo albums at Walmart for $3.00 each.

Next, I took a whole bunch of pictures throughout the year.  Now here’s where you can save some money:  Instead of developing pictures a bit at a time and paying full price for them, save them to a special folder on your computer and wait for a sale.  Walgreens has deals every few weeks for free pictures, usually 25 or so for completely free if you pick them up in store.  Wait for those deals and develop your pictures during those times.  If you time it just right, you can pay nothing for those pictures… awesomesauce.

That’s what I did and then I had all sorts of cutie pictures to include in the albums.

I should mention that these are just regular ol’ pictures… our year-in-review is not always photogenic, but that’s real life around here.

I added the kids Santa picture at the end…

And then I added a vinyl label to the front.

Really simple, totally inexpensive, and the grandmas are going to love it.  I added a sweet little bow to complete the package:

And after all, don’t most grandparents have everything they want already?  They appreciate the memories and this is perfect for that!
Thrifty Crafty Girl

 Thanks so much for sharing this great idea Priscilla!



Holiday Home Tour

I am FINALLY sharing my Christmas decor with you all today and taking you on a little tour. 
I’ve had my decorations up for a while but finally got around to taking pictures and editing them.
So grab a hot cocoa, sit back and relax while I take you on a tour of my home. 
 I will start by the front door. 
I hung my wooden snowflake on the mirror with a little snowman on the table below. I also placed by little gift box tin where all the Christmas cards that we receive are kept.
Directly next to the front door, I hung my burlap Christmas art

I kept the end table that is normally by our sofa in the living room where it was but just pushed it into the corner so it wouldn’t be too close to our tree. 
I place some snowman decor on it and Miss P loves these little guys. 
In front of the large window in the front of the house is our Christmas tree. It always gets to be front and center! 
Continuing around the living room, I will move to the fireplace.
I kept the burlap that I used on the mantle for my fall decor since I have burlap ribbon in my Christmas tree. 
I also kept up the large window and place the wire star on it.
I had the small Christmas tree and then bought the large JOY letters from Target and the super cute and fun reindeer from Pier 1.
It is colorful and simple. I love it! 
Our stockings used to hang on our shutters in the past so I was pretty excited when they could actually be placed on the fireplace this year. 
Inside the fireplace, I placed another small tree, some candlestickes with glittery candles, and the little 25 plaque I made last year. 
Next to the fireplace is the Christmas Subway Art I created a few years ago. 
I had to figure out what to place on our shutters this year since the stockings were no longer going here. 
I place the my embroidery hoop ornaments and then my reindeer name art on them  since I had them both on hand. Not a fan of the ornaments on it but I didn’t want to make something new either so I will figure something out for next year.
Decorated the top with my usual garland as well. 
Then just placed a few decorations on the console table.
Here is the bottom of the console. 
I bought the tall Santa at Pier 1 this year.
I had the other Santa for a few years now and placed him in a forest of yarn trees I made last year.
On the floor by the console, I place this wooden tree that lights up.
Here is my dining room centerpiece.
I normally have pinecones and berries tucked within the garland but I accidentally packed all that away before I decorated the table. Oops!! 
I bought these fun snowflakes from Target a few years ago and they hang from the beam that separates the dining room from the family room. 
I wrapped the banister in a skinny garland and then also added a berry garland on top.
These are the decorations on the entertainment center in the family room.
Pretty much the same as every year. 
I placed my two small trees in the corner to the right of the entertainment center. 
It is decorated with ornaments Travis and I created when we were dating and now Miss P’s ornament.
One the end table in the family room, is my tiny nativity. 
And a quick stop in the kitchen will reveal this silver tinsel tree on the bottom of our island.
Along with the NOEL sign I made last year in the window above our stove.
That concludes the tour.
I forgot to take a picture of the cute little tree in Miss P’s room and our outdoor decor but that’s ok! 
I hope you enjoyed my home tour and maybe got a few ideas for how to decorate your house next year.
 Merry Christmas!!



Monogram Nursery Art from See Vanessa Craft

 Welcome Vanessa from See Vanessa Craft. She is sharing a cute nursery art project today.

Hello A Glimpse Inside readers!
I’m Vanessa from and I’m so happy to be here to show you how to make monogram nursery art.
This baby shower gift idea is super easy and very cute. If you know what the nursery theme will be, you can coordinate the scrapbook paper and felt colors accordingly. The parents to be can hang this frame on the wall or place it on a bookshelf or photo ledge.

Scrapbook Paper 
Embroidery Thread & Needle 
Paper Cutter (or scissors) 
Letter Stencil (or print out your own) 
Monogram Nursery Art 1


Step 1: Cut the piece of scrapbook paper to fit inside of the frame.

Monogram Nursery Art 2

Step 2: You can make your own letter stencil by typing out your favorite block letter font onto a word document, and then print the letter out on card stock and cut it out. Using the marker, trace the letter stencil to the backside of the felt. Cut out the felt letter.
Monogram Nursery Art 4
Monogram Nursery Art 3

Step 3: Stitch around the letter with embroidery thread.

Step 4: Place the letter on top of the scrapbook paper and place inside of the frame. You can secure the letter to the scrapbook paper using glue or tape if needed.
Monogram Nursery Art 6

Step 5: Trace the letter on leftover scrapbook paper and attach to white card stock to make a matching card. You can tie the card to the frame using a piece of ribbon or yarn.

Monogram Nursery Art 7
Monogram Nursery Art 9
Monogram Nursery Art 8

Vanessa Rodriguez Coppola is a freelance writer and blogger from Arizona, where she resides with her husband and 2 kids. You can read more about Vanessa’s addiction to glitter and hot glue guns on her blog Her first children’s craft book is set to hit the shelves in Spring of 2014! For more festive inspiration, check out her Reindeer Cake Pops and Marshmallow Snowman Pops.
Super cute Vanessa! Thanks for sharing!  



Catch a Glimpse Party #162

Let’s PARTY!  

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5.) And most importantly… HAVE FUN!!



Holiday Open House Party: Week 3

Welcome to this year’s Holiday Open House party!! 

This is week 2 of the Holiday Open House Party and if you missed the previous two weeks, I announced that I am changing things up a little this year.
Instead of having each week be a certain link up, like trees one week, house decor the next, etc., I am just having it be anything Christmas/holiday related can be linked up.

But PLEASE still link up your Christmas decorations and trees and feel free to take us on a home tour of your house!
I love seeing how everyone else decorates!

This will also be one continuous party.
So I will post the party each week but the link up box will still be open from the previous weeks so everyone can see what other ideas have been linked up.
So be sure to come back each week and link up your new ideas or decorations! 🙂


1.) Link up to a specific post not your blog in general.

2.) Your post must be of your Holiday related items!! Decorations, Christmas trees, outdoor lights and decor, tutorials for Christmas crafts, recipes, etc. 
This is not where you share general crafts. Catch a Glimpse Party will run tomorrow like usual so I will delete any links that aren’t Holiday related.

3.) Stop and visit a couple links to get new ideas!

4.) HAVE FUN!!!

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Simple Ornament Craft for Kids

This is the first Christmas that Miss P is actually old enough to enjoy it. 
I wanted to do something fun with her and thought it would be great for her to paint her own ornament.
This is a super easy project and kids of all ages can do this. Miss P is 18 mths old and did great with it. 
Here is the easy how to.
-Paint brush
-Wooden Ornament (I bought this star at Michaels)
-Glitter or Stickles (optional)

I gave the star a coat of white paint to act as a primer so that the finished coat of paint wouldn’t soak into the wood.
I got Miss P all set up in her high chair with the paint, ornament, and paint brush. I took her shirt off so she didn’t get any paint on her clothes but you could always use an apron if you have one. 
I put a few different shades of yellow in a pallet and then a gold metallic and let her go to town painting. 
Miss P really enjoyed painting! 
I loved that she was using two brushes.
Once she was done painting, I let the paint dry and then we used yellow Stickles on the star to add a little sparkle but without using messy glitter.
I wrote her name and the date on the back and we hung it on our tiny trees in the living room.
I love how it came out and it definitely isn’t perfect since she is so young but that is what I love about it. 
I can’t wait to do this again next year to see how her ornament will turn out then along with starting this with Miss S. 



Last Minute Teacher Gift Idea from Cherished Bliss

 Ashley from Cherished Bliss is here today!
Hello everyone! I’m Ashley (the DIYer) from Cherished Bliss, and I’m so excited to be here helping Allison out today while she’s spending some time with that precious baby!! 
If I had to describe myself in just a few words, “last minute” would probably have to be two of them! I always feel like I’m running one step behind, forgetting things left and right. It’s normal when you are mom right? I sure hope so… lol. But for now, I just try to embrace my fast paced life and do things that I can complete as quickly as possible without going to the store! 
So today I’m sharing with you a great Teacher’s Christmas Gift Idea that requires just a few things you probably already have on hand! Last Minute Teacher Gift IdeaSupplies: 

– Mason Jar 

– Scrapbook Paper 
– Tea Bags 
– Baker’s Twine (optional) 
– Washi Tape (optional)


1.The first thing you will need to do is just measure the height of your mason jar before it starts to curve, and cut a strip of paper to that width. Then just roll it up and stick it inside the jar. You can cut off the excess if you want, I just left mine there. 
2. Then I just filled it with some tea bags that I already had in the cabinet. I am a major tea junkie so I keep lots of flavors stocked!

Mason Jar Teacher Gift 

3. Then I just embellished the jar a little bit by putting some washi tape around the mason jar lid, tying some baker’s twine around the jar. 
All these things are totally up to you! You could even add a cute little printable on there if you want, but I was trying to keep this super easy so you could make it cute, fun, and totally doable in just a few minutes!

Mason Jar Gift Idea 

I also taped on a cute piece of scrapbook paper I punched out on top of the lid, just because I happened to have a hole punch and some tape right there! Don’t you just love when that happens?? 
Now you are done! A fun little gift to help remind your teacher how much she helps TEAch our kids! 
I usually throw in a starbucks gift card too, because teachers deserve coffee… lots and lots of coffee! I know if I taught Kindergarten I would have to add Starbucks to my budget! : ) 
I hope you enjoyed this little Last Minute Gift Teacher Gift! 
I’d love to have you stop by and say hi! 
You can view more of my Christmas Tutorials HERE.
and if you are looking for some decor ideas… this year I shared my Rustic Glam Christmas Tree
White and Gold Rustic Glam Christmas Tree 
A Rustic Christmas Mantel featuring real cedar garland and drop cloth stockings 
Hope you have a beautiful day! 
My sister and I would love to meet you so feel free to stop on on by and say Hi!
Are you new here? Let’s get to know each other!
Thanks for sharing Ashley! 



1 Month Adventures of Miss S

Miss S is already 6 weeks old, crazy, so I thought I better hurry and post her 1 month update post. 
So here is a recap of her 1 month adventures. 
 Just like I did with her big sis, we took a photo shoot on her 1 month birthday. 
My mom is making her monthly patches just like she made them for Miss P. 

When she was about 2 weeks old, we had her newborn pictures done. Here are just a few. 
Here are a couple more shots from her newborn session. 
The top one is my favorite. Sums up that whole afternoon and even quite a few afternoons at home since. 
Miss S is super strong just like her big sis was right after she was born and pretty much came out holding her head up. She’s had a fun time doing tummy time and big sis loves to get on the floor with her to play and encourage her to pick her head up.
My mom maded these adorable big sis/lil sis patches for the girls and we attempted to take pictures of them at her newborn shoot but Miss P wasn’t haven’t it so I staged a little shoot a few days later and luckily got a few decent shots. 
-She has seen her room and been in her crib, looking super tiny in it, for the first time.
-Hung out in her bouncy seat with her new “friends.”
-Had lots of sleepy time. 
-Snuggled with dad which he enjoys a lot since he missed this stage with Miss P. 
-Miss P loves holding and kissing on her new baby sister. 
-She got to meet both sets of grandparents and snuggle with them.
-She had some fun wide eye moments.
-And has done some super cute yawning. 
-She also starting to sleep longer in the night, only waking up once. Yay!
I can’t believe how fast that first month went by! 
She’s going to be our last baby so I am sad how quickly she is already changing and growing. 
But I do look forward to all the new, fun adventures ahead for her and all of us.