3 Ways to Ensure your House #SmellsClean for Holiday Guests

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 The holidays are fast approaching, shoot, Thanksgiving is TOMORROW, is your house ready for company? 
I bet you have been cleaning, trying to make sure your house looks nice for your upcoming guests but have you thought about the way your house smells? If you have pets and children than does it SMELL clean? 
You tend to get used to the odors in your home and don’t know if it smells so if you want to put your best foot forward for your guests, you also need to make sure it smells clean. 

While shopping, drop by the air care aisle where you will find NUMEROUS options to help make sure your house smells clean for your guests.
 There are so many wonderful holiday scents out this time of year so you are surely going to find something that you enjoy and that matches your holiday decor.
I want to share 3 easy things that I do to make sure my house smells clean. 
They are also super fast and easy to do, to make sure you are prepared for even those unannounced guests that drop by and will make your house seem warm and inviting.
I am a sucker for all things vanilla- vanilla cookies or cake, french vanilla, etc.- but around the holidays I like to infuse the scents that remind me of the season, like cinnamon, apple spice, and more.

Febreze NOTICEables are something that I always use in my house. 

I love the two scents and there are numerous scents to pick from. 
They last about a month, looks like I need to change my current one, and the holiday scents out there will make your holidays more festive.   
Don’t have a Febreze NOTICEables oil plug, then how about an Air Wick oil warmer?
 I use these upstairs in my house to make sure it smells clean up there as well especially if we have over night guests. 

I don’t use a super strong scent upstairs, just something that you will notice but that won’t over power you.

Another option to use to make sure your house smells clean is to use wax melts in a warmer.
Turn it on in the morning and forget about it. That way if someone drops by, the scent has filled the house.

And lastly, I LOVE candles. You can quickly light them and in no time at all, you can smell the scent filling your home.
Glade has some yummy scents out there and the candles aren’t huge so they can be placed any where you like. 

I like to place them in the bathroom that guests will be using to make sure it smells nice in there.

But you could also use some larger candles, that will help radiate the scent through your whole house.

I use larger candles on my kitchen island and it makes my entire house smell delicious. 

One tip:
Buy similar scents to make sure that they don’t complete against each other and are too strong.
You want your guests to enjoy themselves and your food, not get a headache from the smell.
Now, head to the store, go to the air care aisle, and browse the selection before your guests arrive! 
Don’t want to waste all that time cleaning if your house doesn’t smell clean as well. 


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