35 Gift Ideas to stock up your Gift Closet

Hello again.  This is Donna from Modern on Monticello and I am so happy to be contributing to a post on A Glimpse Inside blog. 
With the holidays fast approaching, I decided to share this month my tips for creating a gift closet.
Do you have a gift closet?  Not sure what that is?

It is space in a closet in your house that you shop for those last minute gift needs instead of rushing to a store.  You have already spent the time shopping before you have a need so there is less stress and you save money.  I have a closet where I store my gift stash. There have been times when having a gift stash has saved me a last minute, and often expensive trip to the store for a gift, and there have been times where I neglected to maintain my gift stash and it has cost me.

Not everything in my closet is a generic gift but it also holds items I buy in advance for my sister’s birthdays, or early Christmas gifts as well.  A gift stash shouldn’t be a hodge-podge of random things you wouldn’t use yourself, but a well thought out, carefully purchased, available items you can gift to friends, coworkers, and family for last minute dinner invites, birthdays, a house warming, and just because someone may need a pick me up after an illness.

A gift stash is actually about thinking of others first and being prepared for that unexpected need for a gift.

The best way to stock up a gift stash is to shop all year.  Especially for the best bargains and those little unexpected items you may find on a trip that you immediately think would be a good gift for someone.  A gift stash does NOT have huge expensive items.  Instead it becomes a well maintained available stash for that little something special.

35 Gift Ideas to stock up your Gift Closet

  1. Candles
  2. Candle Warmers
  3. Candle Wax Melts
  4. Decorative candle holders
  5. Notecards
  6. Fancy Pens
  7. Notepads
  8. Funny sticky note pads or office supplies
  9. Socks
  10. Gloves
  11. Scarves
  12. Salt and Pepper Shakers
  13. Hand lotions
  14. Kitchen Towels
  15. Small kitchen utensils
  16. Coffee Cups
  17. Travel Mugs
  18. Decorative and specialty soaps
  19. Hand soaps
  20. Body Wash from Bath & Body Works
  21. Calendars (only at the end of the year)
  22. Puzzles
  23. Board games
  24. Decorative bowls
  25. Christmas ornaments
  26. Totes
  27. Anything from the local sports teams or colleges
  28. Picture frames
  29. Seasonal jams and jellies
  30. Cookbooks
  31. Inspirational or Devotional Books
  32. Coasters
  33. Soup mixes
  34. Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate mixes
  35. Lip Balms

I could probably add more and more items, but the thing to keep in mind is to be proactive, creative, and resourceful all year to keep your gift closet full of fun gifts for family and friends.  You will be thankful you did.

And don’t forget to stock up on gift bags, gift wrap, tape, tags, and ribbons.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday.  I look forward to visiting with you again next month for December and Christmas.


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