4 Month Adventures of Miss S

Sorry it’s been a little quiet here.
I came down with the stomach bug on Sunday and Travis is out in the field for work so with trying to take care of the kiddos alone and being sick, I just couldn’t manage to post. 
After being sick for 48 hrs, I am feeling back like myself. Thank goodness!! 
I have been wanting to write this post for a while now and am just getting around to it. 
Miss S turned 4 mths old on the 1st which is crazy so here is her month in review. 
 We started the month with our normal photoshoot.
My mom made her monthly patch like usual.
And you wouldn’t know it by these pics but boy this girl made me WORK for those smiles!! 

She has enjoyed some good sleep.
Got to enjoy some time in mom and dad’s bed, cuddle time in mom’s arms, and she now LOVES to pull her blankets over her face to sleep. If she is super tired and we can’t calm her down, just give her a blanket or cover her head and she will be out like a light. 
She got to celebrate her first Valentine’s Day this month. 
She has looked cute while playing! 
(sorry for the grainy pics. I was so mad because I forgot I changed the settings on my camera and of course I was stupid and didn’t look at them when I was snapping. UGH!)
She is trying SOOOO hard to roll over!! 
She didn’t quite get it yet but she is working hard on doing it. 
Miss P still loves to hold and sit with her sissy. Now if only Miss S was big enough to play with her Miss P would be in Heaven! 
Miss S had her first adventure in a pool. 
We took the girls to the indoor pool on post one weekend and Miss P loved it as Miss S couldn’t really care less. lol 
She is sitting in her bumbo more and more.
But you know, sitting up can be tiring. 
She had fun with her big sis.
Tried to encourage Spring to arrive looking all adorable in this flower headband.
And had fun with Patton. I was shocked he just let us place her on him and he stayed there for a while. 
She reaches out to grab her toys more.
She also is getting really good at making raspberries with her mouth.
Fun times!! 
Here’s to looking forward to all her milestones in the coming months.


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  • Parents of a Dozen
    March 11, 2014 at 7:44 pm

    What a cutie!

  • Terri Hughes
    March 12, 2014 at 2:36 am

    Both your little girls are adorable!