6 Month Adventures of Miss S

You guys… Miss S officially turned 6 mths old on the May 1st. 
How is my baby girl already a half a year old?! 
I don’t appreciate how fast time is flying! 
 Thought is was about time I finally got her recap post together of all the fun we’ve been having. 
Some shots of our monthly photo shoot.
This girl just gets cuter and cuter! 
This little chick enjoys her baths and loves to snuggle in her towel afterwards. 
She still LOVES those feet of hers.

Miss S was VERY curious about the wine her daddy and I were drinking one evening and she SOOOO wanted to try it! We were laughing so hard at how much she was trying to get it.
Of course, we did NOT give her any!
She still enjoys hanging out and playing in her exersaucer.
Miss P just loves her baby sister and poor Miss S has to put up with so much from her. I think she is secretly scared of Miss P. lol 
She got to hang out with her boyfriend Mr. J a few more times.
She officially tried oatmeal for the first time and LOVED it!! 
AND this big girl eats formula and holds her bottles now as well.
Miss S got to wake up for her first Easter and she sure was cute.
She had a good time on Easter morning checking out the presents in her basket.
She got a book and a bunny along with a teething ring but could care less about anything other than the book!
She was the cutest little Easter bunny ever! 
My mom made the girls some Smocked dresses for Easter and they looked absolutely adorable in them! 
Other fun things from this past month:
-Gramps and Gammi came to hang out for 2 weeks which was fun since she hasn’t seen them since she was born.
-She finally mastered rolling over which is great but wasn’t in the beginning since she would do it during bedtime or nap time and would wake up and scream which wasn’t fun for mommy, who was alone.
-She discovered her voice. That was a fun few days! 
-We had some fun playdates.
– And something not so fun… teething is still causing some not so pleasant times. Those darn bottom teeth threaten to pop through all the time but just won’t do it!! 
She hasn’t had her 6 mth check up because they couldn’t get her in until June but I did have to take her in to have a rash checked out and this girl is TINY!! She only weighs 12 lbs 9 oz!! Such a long skinny girl!! 
I am anxious to see if what she weighs at her actually Well Baby visit. 
This past month has been fun and she is getting to be a lot more interactive, which Miss P is thrilled about, so I know this month will be so fun, already has been! 


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  • Anonymous
    May 15, 2014 at 3:31 am

    Love the photo shoot! Your angels are adorable! God bless them!