8 mth Adventures of Miss S

How am I already writing up Miss S’ 8 mth adventure post? 
I feel like I just wrote up her 7 mth post. 
 But here is a recap of all the fun adventures that happened over the last month. 
8 month photo shoot occurred just like every other month on her monthly birthday. 
She is getting interesting to photograph because she is now super interested in the camera.

 The month started off super fun as we went on our first camping trip as a family.
We borrowed a friend’s camper and headed down to Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings and the Grand Canyon.
Miss S had a rough start to camping the first night but luckily it got better. 
 -she got to sleep out of her crib for the first time since she was an itty bitty baby
-took her first nap outside
-Got to see the Cliff Dwellings
-Got to see the 4 Corners Monument and each of us were in a different state
-Visited the Grand Canyon, though she slept the whole hike and woke up right as we reached the end of the trail.
-AND got to swim in an outside pool for the first time in her new float
She LOVES sitting in the bath tub by herself now. 
She figured out she can splash and it is the best thing ever! 
And I must say, it is so nice that Miss P and her can bathe together now! 
She tried out a sippy cup for the first time. 
And to go along with that sippy cup, we FINALLY started our veggies. 
-She loved sweet potatoes
-Pretty much HATES green beans and gags the whole time she eats them or refuses to open her mouth
-Peas are ok. I don’t think she is a huge fan but she will somewhat eat them.
-Butternut Squash is also a fave. 
Carrots are coming and I have a feeling she will enjoy those then onto some fruits!
Now that the weather is HOT, we have to keep cool if we go outside so fun in her little pool is what we do while Miss P plays in her big pool.
And a few other fun facts:
-She has known how to roll over for a long time now but RARELY did it. Suddenly, it just clicked with her that rolling over is a good thing and she does it non stop now! 
-She is trying to crawl SOOOO hard. She is so close it just hasn’t quite happened yet. She did figure out she can push herself backwards though but that doesn’t happen all that much. She often just spins herself in circles.
-The day before Father’s Day, she started saying “Mama.” 🙂 She started saying “baba” before that. But by the end of the month, she started saying “Dada” as well. Her little voice is so cute. 
Still no teeth! Which is insane since I swear I have spied those teeth since she was 4 mth old!


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  • Anonymous
    July 8, 2014 at 9:07 pm

    She looks so cute! I definitely agree about the bath part. It's so much easier giving both of my girls a bath at the same time (2.5 years old and 16 months old).

  • Noreen
    July 10, 2014 at 7:36 pm

    Cute pix!