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 Please welcome Aubrey from Dreaming about Someday today.



 Hi I’m Aubrey and I blog over at Dreaming about Someday. I am happy to be here to give Allison a little break.

I love DIY projects. I especially love making things for my house. I see a lot of really cute things in stores. I have what I call “I can make that syndrome”. One of my favorite rooms in the house to decorate is the bathroom. It’s a small space so it’s not overwhelming, and it usually isn’t too expensive to decorate. I like a lot of color so I typically decide a color scheme and go from there.

I recently moved into a new place. I kept the shower curtain/hooks and hand towels but wanted to add more.


A little tip about hand towels…I think they look so much better with an accent washcloth.


I needed a floor mat so I went to Target. I often look in the kitchen rugs too. They are usually a little thinner and easier to deal with.


There was already a shelf above the toilet so I used that for my decorating. 

I painted a frame, covered a small canvas in fabric, and mod podged another frame (come on over to my blog for step by step instructions). 

I glittered some glass bottles in the coordinating colors, and without too much time or money I have a decorated bathroom.


The bottles are soooo easy to do. I did not make this up. If anyone knows who originally did, please tell me so I can credit properly. 

Spray liquid spray pledge (not aerosol) into bottle. Coat the inside of the bottom. Pour glitter into bottle. Dump out excess. It really works and is so easy.


I’m curious, does anyone else like decorating bathrooms? 

What’s your favorite room in the house to decorate?


Thanks for sharing Aubrey! It looks fabulous! 


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