Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Over the last few months, we have been slowly updating the girl’s/guest bathroom. And I am thrilled it is finally complete! 
It was always a plan to redo the bathroom we just weren’t sure when. In March when Travis left for a training, I decided it was time to make it less adult/guest and more fun for the girls after I found the adorable shower curtain at Khol’s.

We just so happened to have left over paint, from years ago, that was the exact color blue in the shower curtain, so I got to painting and changed out the bathroom accessories.
This is the only before picture I have from before I painted. 
When we first moved in, we painted the bathroom green to go with the shower curtain we already had. Not too fun for two little girls.
I love how bright and cheery the bathroom got after I painted it and changed the shower curtain.
The bathroom then sat like this for a few months.
We were shopping at Lowes one afternoon and we normally browse the vanities just for the heck of it, and this time we found one we liked and it was for a good price so we just decided to jump on it. 
Brought it home and the rest of the bathroom makeover was underway! 
I thought I had a shot of the vanity with the doors closed but apparently I don’t. The vanity was similar to our kitchen cabinets… orange oak, box store basic cabinets and laminate counters. 
We then had linoleum floors in here like the rest of the house was.
Travis took out the old vanity, removed the toilet and baseboards, then ripped out the linoleum floor so we could put down new tile floors.
We had JUST enough tile left over from all our down stair tile projects to put down on the floors. 
So Travis got to work laying the tile down before we could put the new vanity in. 
Then the bathroom was handed back over to me so I could handle some of the small tedious jobs.
Our new vanity top isn’t as deep as the old one and then it also doesn’t have a side wall back splash so I had to get the old caulk off the wall and paint the area. I also needed to paint the wall that was behind the tank of the toilet since I didn’t remove it when I painted the blue. 
Once I was done with all this, and Travis had the time again, he installed the new vanity and sink and baseboards.
Then, I yet again, had some finishing touches to complete like caulking and touching up the baseboards.
It was so nice having it installed! 
We went with a white cabinet. There are no windows in this bathroom so I wanted something to help keep the bathroom bright.
We also wanted something with drawers for better organization.
It wasn’t planned but we replaced the mirror as well.
We had a basic wall mount, frameless mirror that we were just going to build a frame around.
When we installed the new vanity, it ended up being higher than we thought and came up over the bottom of the mirror. When we tried to remove it from the wall to move it up, it ended up breaking so we were then on the hunt for a new mirror. It turned out to be harder hunt than I thought because I didn’t want to pay a ton of money for a mirror and I just couldn’t find something that fit so we didn’t have a mirror in the bathroom for about a month. 
I finally ran across this mirror on and it was a decent price so I got it. 
I ended up having to paint and touch up the wall behind the mirror before it could be replaced because the size of the new and old mirror were different.
 Here is a shot of our completed floors and the bathroom rugs. 
I bought the rug in front of the sink along with the shower curtain since it was from the same line. I originally wasn’t going to have a rug in front of the toilet but decided to put one there since it is nice to step out of the shower onto a rug. But by the time I went back to get another one of the other rugs, that line was already discontinued and I couldn’t find it. So I just went with a solid pink rug for now.
And here is the toilet and shower area.
You may recall the hot air balloon fabric art from a post in early spring. 
The towel above the toilet is also from the same line as the shower curtain as well as the hand towel.
I am SOO happy that it is finally complete! 
I love that it is much brighter and more fun for the girls too! 
AND we completed this whole bathroom for about $325… cost of vanity, mirror, and then new accessories. That’s not too bad! 
Next up… our master bathroom!

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  • Our Pinteresting Family
    August 25, 2014 at 12:01 pm

    Looks great, Allison. I especially love your tile and vanity choices.

  • Pam Jackson
    August 25, 2014 at 3:36 pm

    Great job. Love the color but I have to say I really love the shower curtain, I am a BIG fan of hot air balloons……thanks for sharing.

  • The adventures of Jolly and Happy
    March 11, 2016 at 5:12 am

    OH my goodness what a cute bathroom!! I love the hot air balloon theme.