“Be Mine” Doily Banner

Happy Monday everyone! 
I hope you had a great weekend! 
 I had a busy weekend but I managed to squeeze in a quick craft project for my Valentine’s Day mantle. 
I made a quick new banner to display across our faux mantle shelf.
 It is a pretty easy project. 
Here’s how to make it. 
-Paper doilies (I got these in the dollar section of Target)
-Alphabet Letter Stamps
-Embossing Stamp Pad 
-Embossing Powder
-Embossing Gun

 I began by measure my mantle and cutting my twine to length.
Then it was time to work on my words. 
I chose to place “be mine” on the banner so I took the “b” letter and placed it on my stamp pad.
Rub the stamp on the embossing pad and stamp onto the center of doily.
Press down the stamp making sure all parts of the stamp are left on the doily when removed.
Sprinkle the “b” with embossing powder.
Move it around to make sure it is all nice and covered.
Dump off the excess powder to reveal your powdered letter.
Then it is time to emboss it with the embossing gun.
It only takes a few seconds and your letter is all embossed! 
Work your way down the banner stamping and embossing each doily with the letters of the phrase you choose.
Don’t have an embossing gun?! No worries! You can always use stickers, cut letters with a Cricut or Silhouette and apply them, or if you are fantastic at hand lettering or have pretty handwriting, just write the letters on each doily.
 Once all the doilies are complete with their letters, just weave the twine through the holes of the doilies to hang.
And that’s it! 
Easy, new banner to hang!
I hung it across the front of our faux mantle along with some tulle pom-pom garland that I also found in the dollar spot at Target. 
It fills the spot nicely and was the perfect size for our mantle.
What word or phrase will you choose to make your banner?

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