Beach Day Watercolor

Hello and I hope you are ready for another Watercolor Wednesday post. 🙂

This week’s painting was a request for something beachy with the Little Girl Beach Stamp Set so here it is. It is also me, wishing we could travel right now somewhere gorgeous!

This painting only uses two stamp sets and four stamps total so it isn’t too hard. The background takes the longest to complete.

Let’s get started shall we?!

I created this painting on a 4.5 x 4.5 piece of watercolor paper. You could probably create it on a 4×4 as well.

I used the Beach Girls Set and Palm Tree set from Art Impressions. The exact stamps I used are circled.

I used quite a few markers for this painting to help give depth and color variation to the sand and water but feel free to use less and whatever colors you have.

  • No 15 Olive Green
  • No 19 Carmine
  • No 45 Sepia
  • No 22 Lemon Yellow
  • No 14 Turquoise
  • No 16 Pale Orange
  • No 101 Tropical
  • No 17 Steel Blue
  • No 18 Dark Brown
  • No 13 Ochre
  • No 30 Rosewood

Begin by inking up the little girl with Sepia.

Press the stamp on the left hand side of the paper towards the bottom where her hat is about centered on the paper.

Drag some of the color out of the lines– on her shoulders, under arms, a little on the hat, bathing suit meets her back, on legs right under her bottom, and then under her feet.

Using Carmine, paint the bathing suit. Paint over the straps, top of back of bathing suit, down one side, then along her bottom, to make it darkest for shadows.

Next, use Lemon Yellow to paint in the hat. Add some Ochre to add some shading to the hat. A little of this color will go a long way on that Lemon Yellow so don’t get too much on your brush.

Then use the Ochre to paint in the hair followed by a little bit of Sepia to darken it.

Paint her skin with Pale Orange. Repeat the color as many times as you want to get the skin tone that you’d like. The color will get darker with each layer of paint. Add a little bit of Sepia to her shoulders, back, and under her bottom for a little shadow.

Our little girl is now complete so let’s move onto the Palm Tree. Ink the trunk of the palm tree with Sepia.

Press the stamp on the right side of your paper, around center.

Begin by slightly dragging the Sepia color out of the lines. Then use the Dark Brown to paint in the rest of the trunk. Don’t paint the trunk in solid though.

Ink up the palm leaves with Olive Green.

Press each palm leaf three times on the proper side that the leaf faces.

Dip your brush in water, pinch it off, then dab the palm leaves to soften them.

For the beach, use the Rosewood to paint in the whole sandy area. Then use a mix of Rosewood, Sepia and a little Ochre to add shadows around the palm tree and little girl.

Once the sand is complete, paint in the ocean using Turquoise. Once the Turquoise is dry, add a little of the Tropical color here and there for some added depth.

Last part of the background is the use the Steel Blue to paint in the sky.

If any of your lines got washed out while painting, take the thin side of your sepia marker and add those back in. I also took the thin end of my Rosewood, Sepia, and Ochre and added little dots all over the sand for a little texture. I also painted a little Ochre here and there to create shadows in the sand.

And that’s it! Sign and date it and you have a fun little painting ready to pop into a frame or make into a card. I am sure it would brighten someone’s day either way!

Stay tuned for a whole new Watercolor Wednesday post next week. 🙂

And be sure to check out the step by step video below so you can follow along and create this little painting for yourself.

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