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Hi, I’m Susi, a writer at, a community for interior designers, home decorators and other design enthusiasts to share projects and network. I am excited to be writing about bird inspired prints in décor for A Glimpse Inside this week.

I am, like many others, a little obsessed with bird inspired decorating ideas. Bird prints in design is such a popular trend that the show Portlandia even had a sketch called “Put a Bird on It.” Have you seen it? It’s a funny parody of the current bird obsession. Trendy or not, birds have been used as design elements for centuries. Here are some of my current favorites:
Bird Inspired
Eva Designs via
Birds are showing up all over the home. Wallpaper and textiles are two of the most common decorative elements for bird prints. This is a charming wallpaper with a subtle bird element.
Bird Inspiration
Etsy via
This bird print has a modern style to it. One of the wonderful things about bird prints is the variety of styles, from modern to Victorian.
Bird Inspiration
Etsy via
Have you seen this charming style of prints on Etsy? Old book pages are printed with antique and vintage style graphics, including birds. Very charming.
Bird Inspiration
Lindy Cottage Hill via
A bow front chest is hand painted in a sweet bird pattern. So cottage chic and so lovely for a bird inspired bedroom design.
Bird Inspired
Freebies for Crafters via
Vintage inspired “Groovy Bird” embroidered pillow would add a charming element to a cottage bedroom. Love the retro look of the rickrack and the background dots on the rose fabric.
Bird Inspiration
Anthropologie via
Peacocks are one of the most popular bird prints and colorways in décor. Owls are also popular, especially in vintage décor.
Bird Inspiration
Best Crystal viaThe Wedgwood Golden Bird pattern china is an elegant pattern. The birds are subtly placed within the foliate border.Bird Inspiration
Better Homes and Gardens via
Flea markets, estate sales and Ebay are great resources for antique and vintage bird prints to inspire your timeless interior design ideas. While Audubon prints can sell for tens of thousands of dollars, most can be had for a few dollars. A flock of bird prints hung together looks great in a hall, bedroom or powder room.

Thanks to Susi and the folks over at Design Shuffle which is a powerful social media site where you can find and share tons of interior designs and decorating ideas from Los Angeles interior designers and more from around the globe!

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  • Jackie Welling
    October 11, 2011 at 7:57 pm

    So excited I just found your blog, I love it!!

  • Sarah Navina
    February 22, 2013 at 6:55 am

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