Blog Swap- Kati from The Multi-Purpose Life

Today is my first blog swap. I’d like to introduce you to the fabulous Kati from The Mulit-Purpose Life. Take it away Kati!

Hi Everyone! I am so excited to blog swap with Allison today. I have followed her blog for awhile now and I love it! I saw her tutorial on the Twine Wreath and knew I wanted to see more.

My name is Kati and I am from The Multi-Purpose Life I am a mom of two wonderful kids…I have a 4 year old son and a 2 year old daughter, a hubby, a cat and a dog. We live in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia (where the 2010 Winter Olympics were) and have a townhouse that we just moved into in February… As we moved I started searches on decorating ideas and then I fell in love with blogs… and thought I might just start one…(as well my son has apraxia of speech and I really wanted to tell our story to help other parents out there.)

This May my grandma from Alabama sent my mom shopping for the perfect sewing machine… and they surprised me with it and I think I surprised them when I came out with pillows and aprons as I haven’t really ever sewed before…So I am learning and loving it. Here are some projects that I have loved making!!!

Zipper Pouches
Up until a few weeks ago I had NEVER put in a zipper… thanks to help from my mom I can!!! And I love it!

Joshua’s Dresser (come see the before and after)

Towel Hanger (tutorial)

I have loved creating and crafting since I was little, however this is the first time that I get to share it by blog with so many other REALLY amazing and creative people!!! I love having this big group of people to toss ideas around with, and really create something new and different. I have started to feature my favorite posts that I have found on others blogs throughout the week, I call it Featuring My Favorites Friday.
So come on by and take a look, check out my new etsy shop, become a follower, anything. I would love to have you, read your comments (OH THEY MAKE ME SO HAPPY…) or see some of your posts… if you have a great idea let me know and I might just feature it!

Thanks to Allison for blog swaping with me today, it has been so much fun!!!

Thanks for swapping Kati! Isn’t her stuff just super cute! Go check out Kati’s blog and give her some love! 🙂

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  • FlyAwayHome
    September 12, 2010 at 11:16 am

    Yay to Mom and Grandma for surprising you with a sewing machine. You are probably right..I think you may have surprised them with your sewing skills. You have done a GREAT job! I too, love to sew. Come for a visit.