Simple Braided Ribbon Garland

I hope that you all had wonderful Easter with your family and friends.
I have another super easy and cheap project for you today. 
You caught a glimpse of it on my spring mantle and today I am sharing.
It seriously it so easy and if you know how to braid, then you are good to go because that is the only skill you need for this! 🙂 
-3 spools of ribbon in the colors of your choice.
I used 1/4 in ribbon but you may be able to try the next size up as well.
-Lighter (optional)
I started by burning the ends of my ribbon so it would prevent them from fraying.
Tie the ribbons together in a knot.
I placed something heavy on the ends of the ribbon and then just started braiding.
I did NOT cut my ribbon off the spool before braiding. It was a bit of a pain because I had to periodically untangle all the spools but since I didn’t know how much ribbon I would need exactly. I figured I would need to at least double my length if I measured it but wasn’t positive so I just kept them on the spools. 
Continue braiding until you have the length you desire.
Then just place another knot in the end and burn the edges.
I actually brought mine down to my mantle when I thought I had the correct length. It was still too short so I just continued working on it until I had the proper length.
I love how it turned out!

 I wish I had used slightly brighter colors but I am like it! 

I like that it isn’t traditional garland as well. 


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