Brief Check-in

Hi All!!

I hope everyone is doing fabulously!
I miss you all like crazy!

We are officially back in Virginia and luckily found an apartment quickly. We moved in yesterday but unfortunately our household goods will not arrive until Thursday. 🙁 Big Bummer on that one!! I am SO READY for my own bed again. Hotel beds and air mattresses aren’t cutting it anymore!

So I am TRYING to keep occupied seeing that there is nothing to do or unpack but the couple things we brought with us. Luckily, I am co-hosting a baby shower this weekend for a friend and I am in charge of the decorations so I at least can do that. I was smart and packed some of my crafting supplies.

So once our stuff arrives and I finally get to set this place up, I will be sure to show it all to you. Granted, we will only be here for 6 mths so not much decorating will really be happening but you can see it anyways. And I will be sure to share with you all what I make for the baby shower.

Again, I hope you all are well!
I also hope that you are enjoying all these fabulous guest posts! 🙂
Thanks again to everyone that is helping me out with these guest posts!

Check back in later!

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  • Lindy
    May 17, 2011 at 2:29 pm

    Hi Allison….glad everything is going somewhat OK. The guest posts are awesome. Found some new blogs to stalk and some great ideas to use. thanks!