Cardboard Tube Genie Bangles

This weekend we had Miss S’s 4th birthday party. 
It was a Shimmer and Shine theme after the cartoon and it was a great time! 
The little genies in the cartoon wear bangle bracelets so for a fun activity for the party, all the girls got to make their own genie bangle bracelets. 
They are so easy and cheap to make and here’s how we did it! 
-Cardboard Tubes (we saved our TP roll tubes)
-Gold Metallic Paint
-Hot Glue Gun
Begin by painting the cardboard tube gold and let them dry completely. 
They do dry fairly quickly but I’d give them a good hour before continuing. 
Once dry, take a pair of scissors and cut directly down one side. This give the opening for to help slip the bracelet on.
This part is optional but I decided to cut one inch off of one of the edges to shorted the bangle a little bit. It just seemed a little too long, even for me, so I knew it would be huge on little kid’s arms. 
Tip: I noticed that after I cut this end off the tube didn’t close as tightly as before since I had to open it to cut. Just gently roll the tube in on itself and they closed back up so they would stay on better. 
Then just pick out your pretty gemstones and glue them on! 
And that’s it! 
They are ready to wear! 
Just slip them on and you are now a genie! 
All the girls loved picking out their gems to make their bracelets. 
I had these already pre-painted and cut so we only had to add the gems since the girls were so young but if you make these at an older child’s party, they could do all the steps themselves.

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  • Anonymous
    November 6, 2017 at 8:07 pm

    Cute! All three of my girls love watching Shimmer and Shine. They would love these.