Christmas Time Is Here!

So a friend of mine and a fellow blogger turned me onto the idea of doing a “Tour of Homes” for the holiday season. After viewing someone’s tour from last year and the beginning of her tour, I have decided to follow suit and begin one of my own. So here is my “Tour of Homes.” It will take me a few posts to show all the pictures but here is the start. The pictures below are of my kitchen and dining room.

Have to have the holiday towel in the kitchen!

My new salt and pepper shakers.

I saw an idea that was something like this on a television show last year and knew I wanted to try it. So I went out and bought two different sized wreaths, berries, and ornaments and went to town. Love the way it turned and it just adds a little something to a place that you normally don’t think to decorate!

View of the top of the wreaths on the light.

Here is a view of my dining table and the light.

My centerpiece on my dining table. The green is actually an old garland that I was going to throw away and as I rolled it up I realized it would work perfectly on my table with my candles! So I threw in some extra berries I had laying around and some glittered pine cones.

My Christmas Village in my hutch.

My two mini trees that I have in my dining room. The ornaments are some that Travis and I made together when we were dating. They are just the clear ornaments that we put paint inside. I put some white tulle under them to look like snow. It has become one of Patton’s favorite spots. The only bad part is when he is hyper he likes to slide through it so he always keeps me fixing it!

Patton laying in the tulle.

All lite up.

That ends the tour for now. I will be adding more tomorrow of all my living room decorations. So STAY TUNED!! 🙂

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