Christmas Tree Watercolor

watercolor wednesday

Hello and Happy Watercolor Wednesday!

I have been sharing some fall and Halloween paintings the last few weeks but am jumping forward to Christmas with this week’s painting. This Christmas Tree Watercolor painting is super simple and only requires TWO stamps!

This painting would be great turned into a card for the holidays or just to put on display.

Are you ready to learn how to create this for yourself? Here ya go!

As I stated, this painting only uses two stamps. I used the Fir Tree set and the largest branch then the slightly smaller one that is just like it.

I did use a lot of markers for this painting but only because of the ornaments on the tree. I wanted them to be bright and a lot of them but you could easily only pick a few colors to make it easier.

  • No 29 Prussian Blue
  • No 11 Light Green
  • No 7 Orange
  • No 79 Grape
  • No 20 Magenta
  • No 72 Pine Green
  • No 86 African Violet
  • No 105 Light Teal
  • No 45 Sepia
  • No 43 Brilliant Yellow
  • No 28 English Red

I also used these items for this painting: a pencil, white gel pen, Molotow Masking pen, Glitter Brush, eraser, and ruler

This painting is created on a piece of 4×6 watercolor paper. Perfect to frame or make for cards.

Start by finding the center of your paper and grid it out.

Then roughly sketch a triangle in the center. This will just be a slight guide to your tree shape.

Using the Molotow Masking pen, add dots throughout the triangle. These will be the ornaments. Let dry completely before moving on.

When the masking fluid is dry, ink the pine branch up with Pine Green and stamp it throughout the triangle.

Add water to the pine branches.

Using sepia, draw and paint in a trunk for the tree.

After the tree dries from adding the water the first time, stamp more branches on top. This will add depth to the tree.

Once the ink is dry, use an eraser or your finger to remove the masking fluid to reveal the ornaments in the tree.

Paint the ornaments in with the array of colors that you choose.

When they are dry, use the thin side of the marker to add a darker shadow to the ornament and the white gel pen to add a highlight.

It’s hard to see it in this photo but I then used my glitter pen to touch each ornament for just a small shimmer.

And that’s it! Sign and date it and it is ready for whatever fate you have for it. Turn it into a card, frame it for display, or give it away as a gift, it would be great for anything!

Stay tuned next week for a whole new watercolor painting.

And be sure to watch the step by step video below to paint this right along with me.

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