Clip Board Chore Chart

This post was suppose to be up earlier in the day today and then life and rainy days got in the way so it is just making it onto the blog now. 
 It’s the final day of February, (say what?!), and it is time for another Craft with Me post. 
 Today, I have a simple chore chart for you to create. 
My girls are still young, 4 and 3, but I wanted them start learning more responsibility and I wanted them to be able to visually see something in hopes that I won’t have to nag them to get it done. 
 Currently, their chores are simple like pick up their toys and put their clothes in their hamper, but my hope as they get older will be to just replace simple tasks with something a little more complex.
 I decided to create the chore chart on a clip board to keep it on the smaller side, and just give each their own. Here’s how I created them.
-Clip boards (found in the scrapbook aisle in Wal-Mart)
-Scrapbook Paper
-Mod Podge
-Paper Cutter
– Vinyl (optional)
-Acrylic Paint

Begin by flipping your scrapbook paper over and tracing the clip board onto the paper.
Trim with a paper cutter or scissors.
Next, you will need to slip the paper under the clip to trace the base of the clip so you can cut it out.
You could also just measure but who has time for that. 😉 lol
 Trace the clip area then cut it out with scissors until it fits nicely around the base.
Slip the paper in place to double check if you need to trim anymore.
Once that paper has been trimmed paint the edges of the clip board and then the area around the clip itself.
Let dry.
 Once the paint is dry, time to pull out your Mod Podge and cover the entire clip board with the glue. Make it thick, work fast. This unfinished clip board soak up the paint/glue and it makes it dry quickly.
Press the paper down onto the clip board as smooth as possible and then coat the top of the paper as well. Let dry.
 I wanted to divide the board into two sides so there is a to do side and a done side. 
I first thought that I would just draw it on but I didn’t want to make it permanent just in case when the girls get old enough, they would just like to use the clip boards as well clip boards.
I thought about vinyl but I do didn’t feel like dealing with that either but if you’d like too, more power to you. lol
So I pulled out some gray card stock and just cut one long strip and some doubled sided tape.
 I just ran the tape down one side and taped it in the center of the clip board then trimmed the length once it was attached.
I designed these printables, you can grab a copy for yourself at the end of the post or here if the widget isn’t working
to print off with the chores that I wanted to do. 
I have:
-Clean up dishes
-Put Away Toys
-Feed Pets
-Throw away trash
-Make beds/clean room
-Wipe Table
Again, my hopes will be to replace some of the simple tasks as the girls grow and I can entrust more tasks to them.
So I just printed off two copies and got to work.
I trimmed up the cards with a paper trimmer.
Then threw them in my laminator so they would last for long term use.
Don’t have a laminator? If you have a Minc machine, you can use that too!! 😉 
After lamination, I cut them apart.
Time for the final step, adding the velcro.
Stick one of the velcro sides on the chore card itself…
The other velcro piece onto the clip board.
You will need to use more of the fuzzy side of the velcro because you will need that on both sides of the clip board for each card.
I originally wasn’t going to add their names since each girl got to pick the paper for their own board  or  add the to do and done but decided to add it last minute. 
Again you could do this part with vinyl, but I just decided to write them names under the clip with a paint pen and then took white paper and taped it down with the words on it. 
I applied the cards for each girl and that’s it!
Miss S has: toys, trash, make bed/clean room, clean up dishes, laundry, and vacuum crumbs with our little dust buster.
Miss P has all the same chores but I gave her wiping the tables instead of vacuuming and plan to switch around out every couple weeks. 
I hung them in our mudroom using a Command Picture Hanging Strip like I do everything in my house and the girls are excited to use it, so far. lol We’ll see how long the excitement lasts.
If you would like a copy of the printables for yourself you can grab them below. And if the widget isn’t working, you can pick them up here

 Do you have a chore chart for your kids?


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