Consumer Crafts- A One Stop Shop

** This is a sponsored post but all opinions are 100% my own. ** 
 Have you heard of the online store, Consumer Crafts?
 It is a one stop shop for all things crafty related but you can find so much more there as well! 
Into making jewelry? They’ve got you covered.
How about scrapbooking? Yep, they have that too! 
Getting married? Check out their Bridal section.
They have items for storage, decor and they even have a kids section that has fun activities for crafts, games, instruments, and more. 

The site is very easy to navigate with drop down menus to help you narrow down the area that the item you are looking for may be found.
But you could also just click on the navigation bar and it will take you to a page full of the options and photos for each category. 
So if you are looking for adhesive options, click on Craft Basics or hover over the drop down menu and select Craft Glues, Adhesives, and Finishes and you will see all your options! 
They definitely have you covered! 
Checking out is super simple as well. 
You can either register with the site or check out as a guest. 
Easy either way!

And if you spend over $75, you get FREE shipping! That is always a good thing!

So next time you have a project in mind or even want to make something handmade to give as a gift, be sure the check out Consumer Crafts
Be sure to check out their seasonal catalog that has coupons and product ideas as well!{"issue_id":228822,"page":0}
Check out Consumer Crafts on all their social media pages:


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