Cross Stitched and Typography Canvas Art

Sorry that I got this post up a little late today but today is April’s Craft with Me post! 🙂 
 Are you ready to see what you can learn this month? 

Here ya go! 

You can easily make this your own!
Use whatever phrase you’d like or don’t do a phrase at all and just create a fun cross stitch pattern on the canvas itself. Whatever you’d like to do! 
Here is how I created mine.
-Canvas, any size but I used 11×14
-Embroidery Floss
– Graph Paper
-Markers, crayons, colored pencils
-Acrylic Paint
-Paint Pen, I used a Sharpie Oil Based Pen
To begin, I figured out what I wanted to do and decided since I had a few floral coloring books, I picked a flower I liked and pulled out some graph paper.
I just placed the graph paper on top of the flower that I wanted to duplicate and traced it onto the graph paper.
If you are a great artist, feel free to free hand anything you’d like! 
I then used some markers to color in the flower with different shades to help me know where to use each color thread.
 To transfer your image to your canvas, place the graph paper on the canvas where you want the image. Then using a needle push it through the paper and the canvas where in the corners of the squares.
Continue until all holes are pushed through.
You should be left with tons of little holes in the shape of your design on your canvas and now you’re ready to go!

This is totally optional. If you are good at just following your pattern, you can just free hand it yourself especially if you want it a little bigger than the graph paper grid. 

Time to begin the cross stitch. 
I began at the very center of the flower so I just counted the squares to figure out where they were suppose to be and began.
 After the center was complete, I then moved to my darkest color pink and worked around my flower.
I then moved on to my medium color pink and worked my way around the flower.
And lastly, filled the entire flower in with the lightest pink.
 Pretty close to my drawing. 
I had to adjust some of the colors as I was going to make it work better for me and the cross stitch pattern.
After the flower was complete, I moved on to the leaves.
I used a light green for the majority of the leaves.
Then I filled in with a little bit of a darker green and used it to make the center line down the leaves.
Lastly, I took black thread and outlined the leaves and flowers and gave the flower some petals.
I again, modified the originally drawing and eliminated some of the petals near the top because there were a lot of petals in a small area.
After the flower was complete, I wrote out “Love grows here” in pencil on the canvas.
Using the paint pen, I wrote out the phrase. I’m definitely not an expert at typography but I think it turned out rather well for someone that only plays around with it every now and then! 

And it’s complete!

Seriously, this can be customized to whatever you want!
Make just one giant flower on a canvas.
Use whatever phrase you want and perhaps an arrow or house, whatever you want!

I hope you do create your own version!
 If you create your own version, be sure to link it up to share! 🙂


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