Cute Printable Fruit Valentine Tags

If you have children, and they are anything like mine, they LOVE fruit snacks!

Valentine’s day is only ten days away and after finding big bags of fruit snacks at our Commissary, I thought they would be the perfect Valentine’s Day treat to pass out to their friends at school. They needed some sort of tag or card to go with them so I created these cute fruit valentine tags to accompany the fruit snacks and I am sharing them with you!

All you have to do it download the file to your computer, print them out, cut and hole punch then attach to your treat of choice and they are good to go!

I designed them that all six designs print on one page. For my printer settings, I took off the fit to page option then printed it as an 8×10 photo. Settings aren’t the same on all printers so mess around with your own settings. I also printed these on a white cardstock so the paper was thicker and would hold up better than normal printer paper.

Once printed, I trimmed them with a paper cutter and then used a hole punch to create the hole on the tag.

I then hole punched into the top section of the fruit snack pack and attached the tag using baker’s twine and that’s that!

Attach them to fruit snacks, Runt candies, actually fruit, whatever you’d like!

Six fun designs sure to put a smile on any friend’s face!

Download your tags from the widget below. If the widget isn’t working, you can also download them here: Fruit Valentine Tags.

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