Diaper Box turned Toy Bin

I finally created something that I can share! About time, right?! 😉 
  I saw this tutorial on Positively Splendid and followed it to cover the outside of my diaper box but then changed it up and made a no sew liner for the inside of the box.
 So if you would like to make one of these for yourself, check out Amy’s tutorial for the how to on covering the outside of the box. It is also no sew. 
After you cover the outside of the box, it is time to make a liner. You can either sew one line Amy did or I opted to try to add one without sewing. (Truthfully, I was just to lazy to pull out my sewing machine. hehe) 

Here is how I made my liner:
 Cut out a piece of fabric the same exact way as you did for covering the outside of the box but add a few more inches to it for an overlap. I added two more inches than the outside of my box measurements. 
 Fold over the edges of the fabric and glue down. 
 Once all the edges are glued, I folded the fabric (print side up) in on itself so it was layered with each flap. 
I used a little spray adhesive in the bottom of the box for the bottom piece of fabric to stay in place while I was messing with the sides but I could still readjust it if necessary. 
  I then glued down the side fabric. 
I placed glue up the sides near the corners (there is actual glue in this picture but it was clear so hard to see.)
Pull up the flap of fabric and stretch to fit the side pressing down on the glue and moving it into the corners. 
Continue glueing each flap to the sides. 
   Here is a shot of one of my corners. Fabrics met up in the corners and I just tried to smooth them out.
Note: The actually liner fabric will not be totally smooth. It is a little more wrinkly looking like if you did actually sew the liner together. You could fold over more fabric in the corners if you want a smoother look. 
 Here is a shot of my fabric all placed.
 You will have this extra fabric left on each side.
  Pull tight overlapping the front of the box and glue down. 
 Then, take a ribbon of your choosing to cover up the seam where the overlapping fabric ends. 
Glue down the ribbon to the box.
 I had this little seam in my ribbon where my two ends met so I decided to make a little bow to add to cover it plus add a little more detail. 
 Cut a piece of ribbon to the size you would like your bow.
Burn or glue the edges to prevent fraying and then glued to two end of the ribbon together to create a loop.
  Fold over two ends for the outer loops leaving a bubble in the center that you will fold over equally to create the center loop of the bow. Glue together. (Hope that makes sense! Hard to take pics of it while trying to make it!)
Then glue the bow to the box to cover the seam.  
And now it is done!
 Fill with toys and you are good to go! (So once I took these pics, I noticed the bow was off centered. Wah, wah! lol :P)
I made two, one for our family room downstairs and one for our bonus room upstairs and they are perfect. 


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  • One Lazy Mom
    December 26, 2012 at 10:20 pm

    That is such a great idea! I use those boxes for lots of stuff, as well as the eggo boxes (for 60 eggos), because they're a good (smaller) size too. I did think about covering them with like scrapbook paper, but I never did it. Now that I see your tutorial I'm going to give fabric a shot–you may have created a crafting monster in me, lol!

    • AllMich
      January 2, 2013 at 6:37 am

      Thanks so much!! And sorry for making a monster out of you with using fabric now! haha! But I hope you create some awesome boxes! 🙂

  • Our Pinteresting Family
    December 27, 2012 at 12:51 am

    That is so cute, Allison! I love the color and fabric that you chose. 🙂 Great way to reuse those never ending diaper boxes. 🙂

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