Dining Room Reveal

We will be in our house a year in June and I am just now finally sharing our dining room with you guys. 
The room has been done for quite some time now but with construction, holidays, crazy schedules, I just never got around to taking pictures to share it with you.
I know it is just a dining room so it isn’t super exciting but it has changed a lot since we moved in so I definitely thought it was worth sharing. 
First I will remind you what the room looked like before.
 This is what it looked like while the previous owners still lived here. 
And here is the room the day we moved in. This is the view standing in the mudroom looking out. 
And this is what you see looking in from the living room.
Olivey green carpet and beige walls that resembled Travis’s brown military uniform shirt WAY too much for my liking.
We knew as soon as we bought it, the carpet had to go and we wanted to save the hardwood if possible.
My parents came to visit about 3 weeks after we moved in and they helped us paint and begin the large task of redoing the floors.
We ripped up the carpets to find this. UGH! 
This is actually a picture of the living room floor but the dining room looked identical. 
Apparently at some point someone decided to add poly to the floors but only around the outside, and did this twice with different poly finishes. Awesome… 😛
My dad, mom, and I worked our butts off sanding the floors down to the bare wood.
My dad used the large floor sander and my mom and I were on our hands and knees with hand sanders getting any small spots or grooves in the wood that the large sander didn’t get. 
With the help of my parents, the entire living, dining, and my craft room got sanded and the living and dining also got painted. 
Later, Travis and I stained the floors, beginning with the dining room, then gave them a few coats of poly.
These were definitely a pain in the a** to say the least. I will leave the nightmare of our hardwood floor refinishing job for another post because it is WAY too long, but in the end they look great! 
And here is the dining room today…
The room now is bright white with dark floors.
For some reason, white walls were just calling to me for this house. I think with all the stained woodwork, I just really wanted to keep things light and airy compared to all the heavy wood. 
I was nervous at first and I think Travis thought I was crazy but I love it! 
I also knew we had dark furniture that was going into this space so the white definitely helps keep it light.
And as for the light, we kept what the previous owners had. I am not a fan of it, it is not original to the house, in fact, it is plastic, so that will probably get changed out at some point when I find something I like and money permits. It gives out terrible light and I can’t wait to change it out.
We found this buffet cabinet at a local furniture store in town and fell in love with it. We snatched it up and it fit well on this wall. 
Above the buffet, we hung this old frame we’ve had for years now. It is eventually suppose to be in Miss P’s room but in the meantime, it fits well in this space. 
I then hung our silver plates around it. 
I am not sure if this will stay like this or not, I may changed them out for some china plates, but we’ll see.
 Under the table is this new rug I bought at Homegoods.
Our old rug was too little for this space and this one fits the room, and the space under the table, much better.
I like the bold pattern on it but that the colors are muted with a white background and grays.
 If you were standing in the back hallway by the guest room and downstairs bathroom, this would be your view. Three large windows with bench and a glimpse of the living room.
And now here the view from the mudroom.
I had to get rid of the old lace curtains that were too heavy for the space and I replaced them with these panels. I found curtains I liked at Target that were kinda sheer but had a pattern on it. I bought two panels, cut them shorter to fit, and actually cut one panel in half for the two smaller outside windows. Then I just made a little tie with the fabric I cut off to tie them in the center but can easily be removed if we want a tiny bit more privacy. Worked like a charm! 
It is hard to see due to the light, but the pattern on the curtains is very similar to the one in the rug. Which worked out so well. I actually bought these curtains weeks before I found the rug. 
And lastly, in a corner right before the living room, I just stacked the old crates we already owned and decorated them with objects we already had as well. I then hung the painting I created on the wall above it. 
In the corner on the opposite side of the window, behind me in this pictures, I just placed the large bucket of faux flowers that has been with us for… 9 years now. lol
But that is our dining room! 
Stay tuned for the full construction post on our living room and the living room reveal, hopefully this week as well! 🙂

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  • Kathy@DandelionsandDustBunnies
    April 4, 2016 at 6:21 pm

    Wow great job on the floors. What a big project to undertake and they turned out just beautiful! Looks like it's all coming together and feeling more and more like home!

  • Pam Lauren
    April 8, 2016 at 3:31 am

    Looks great! We really need to redo our floors too, but…yeah, I really don't want to. LOL! Thanks for the look into your dining room!