DIY Alphabet Blocks

This post was over at Mabey She Made It on August 6, 2014.
Happy Friday everyone! 
I am THRILLED it is Friday. I feel like this week was dragging and thought yesterday was Friday all day… not sure why!

ANYWAYS… I have a fun project for you today to create your own Alphabet blocks for your kiddos!
I shared it over at Mabey She Made It a few weeks ago and want to share it will all of you!
 Here is how you can make a batch for yourself.
-Scrapbook Paper
-Mod Podge
-Wooden Blocks- I used 7 blocks
-Paint brushes
-Paper Cutter
-Cutting Machine- I used a Cricut (optional)
-Stickles or Dimension Magic (also optional)

Start, by tracing your blocks on your scrapbook paper. 
I used 12 small sheets of paper in 6 different colors that had different patterns. They were even front and back pattern papers so I have multiples patterns to use. 
You clearly you don’t have to use this many. I just wanted to make my blocks more colorful.
I traced the block 4 times per sheet since I had so many sheets of paper.
Now, set this aside. You will come back to this in a few minutes.
Paint the wooden blocks, 2 coats each.
You can pick any color for your blocks or even leave them plain if you want.
You could also just paint patterns onto your blocks instead of using paper.
Now back to your paper.
While your paint dries, use a paper cutter to cut apart the squares.
Trim your paper slightly smaller than the side of the block.
As I cut the squares apart, I kept the patterns separate from each other. 
I then turned 2 of each batch over so I could see all the colors and patterns.
I then went through and picked a square of each color into groupings of 6 for each block.
Using Mod Podge, glue a square to each side of the block.
I did not coat the paper right away with the Mod Podge.
Each side has a different pattern and color.
Continue until all your blocks are covered.
Now it is time to cut out your letters. I used my Cricut machine to cut the letters out of dark gray card stock. I cut lower case in some letters and capital in others just to add more interest.
You could always draw the letters on by hand or use a stencil. You could even use vinyl. 
Again, use the Mod Podge to apply your letters to the blocks.
I used Outdoor Mod Podge to apply the letters and give it the final coat. 
I figured at some point Miss S is going to put these in her mouth and since it is meant for the outdoors, I know it will hold up when it gets wet. (And sure enough, as soon as I gave these to Miss S, they went straight into her mouth and they are doing great!)
I placed 4 letters on 5 blocks, then 3 letters on 2 blocks since I was using 7 blocks and there are 26 letters in the alphabet and I wanted to leave 2 sides of the block open.
I also placed the letters on the blocks in alphabetical order but you could just scramble them up as well. 
You could easily cover the whole block with letters instead of leaving some blank OR add some pictures to the blank sides like an apple on the block with an “a” etc.
Let your blocks dry completely.
 I wanted to add a little something extra to the blocks so I pulled out some silver Stickles and a bottle of Dimension Magic to apply to the letters.
You could easily leave this step off and be complete with your blocks.
I applied the Stickles to some letters, only 2 per block.
And I applied the Dimension Magic to letters on other blocks, again only 2 per block.
Let both dry and they are done! 
I love how they turned out! 
And I hope both of my girls love them as well!


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