DIY Doll Bed

Today I am sharing a project with you that I have literally had all the supplies for a year. A year people! 
It is a good thing that I packed and unpacked all my craft supplies because Travis would definitely question why I was moving an empty Cuties box. lol 
If you have little girls in your house like I do, you have MULTIPLE baby dolls in your house. My girls love playing with them, comfort them, love on them, and tucking them into bed so I thought it would be fun to create a doll bed and repurposing something like a Cuties orange box was the perfect thing to make one with 
This was actually a relatively easy project so here is the how to for you to create your own.
-Empty Cuties box or something similar
-Wooden balls that are flat on one side
-Wooden discs
-Acrylic Paint

Begin by trimming the side where it is uneven due to the letters. 
Next paint the box and the wooden pieces to the color of your choosing. 
I painted mine gray, was actually going to use this as a primer for a different color, then decided I liked it gray so I left it.
Be sure to also paint the inside of the box since you will see this once the bedding in place.
I decided to add a little pink accent to my wooden pieces that will make the finial. I added a stripe to the balls then painted the edge of the discs.
You could always add vinyl or stickers or paint flowers or whatever you want on the balls for an added accent.
Once the paint is dry, glue the ball to the disc. 
While the finial is drying, make the bedding for the bed. 
I had all this fabric in my stash and I cheated and instead of sewing the fabric, I just used fabric glue.
I had some batting that I just stuffed the large white one with that is the mattress but you could also use a piece of foam. I also stuff the little pink pillow with batting as well. 
I did put a piece of thick interfacing between the dot fabric that is the blanket to make it a little thicker but that is optional. You could always just use a piece of fleece as the blanket. 
Next, glue the finials to the bed and place your bedding in your bed and you are complete! 
I just glued my finials straight to the box and it has been fine so far but I am not sure if they will stay very well in the long run depending on how much the girls use it. I would suggest gluing a dowel rod down into the space of the box for an added surface for the final to sit on.
Tuck those little baby dolls in and you are good to go! 
The girls are pretty excited to have a new bed for their dolls!


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