DIY Drop Cloth Rug

Hello, hello everyone! 
 I hope you are all doing well! 
I’ve been MIA for the last week but I have a good excuse why and you will see it in this post today! 
As you know, we were giving our basement a much needed makeover and it is finally complete.
I still have a few finishing touches on one of the sides of the basement but after we spent time organizing the rest of the basement, I finally got to working on the rug I wanted to place in the laundry area of the room.
So for a week straight, I was on my hand and knees on my garage floor working on this bad boy. I am thankful it is complete and I love how it came out! 
This was a relatively easy project just takes lots of TIME! 
Granted if you don’t do such a detailed design, it will take much less time.
Here’s what I did to create my own rug.
-Canvas Drop Cloth
-Latex paint (like wall paint for your home)
-Brushes and rollers
I started by buying a large canvas drop cloth at Wal-Mart, if I remember correctly, this one is 6×9.
I also bought a super large drop cloth to go under it for when it is time to paint. 
Next, wash and dry your drop cloth. 
Once it is nice and dry, iron all the wrinkles out of the drop cloth. Mine actually came out of the dryer with very little wrinkles but I still ironed the entire thing twice, one on what would be the front, and then again on the back to ensure the wrinkles were gone.
If need be, this is the time to trim up your canvas to the size you need. Mine just so happened to be perfectly straight and I loved the size as is so I didn’t need to trim it or have any plan on creating a hem along the edge.
Then it was time to paint! 
I first laid out the large drop cloth and then placed my canvas cloth on top of it.
I smoothed out both drop clothes the best I could before painting but as you can see, some wrinkles remained.
Next, give the drop cloth two coats of primer on the front AND back.
This sucker will soak in the primer like a sprinkle of rain hitting hot concrete on a summer day so two coats on each side is key to seal it well.
I let my drop cloth dry overnight before I flipped and painted the back but I was also outside and it was super humid so I wanted to make sure it was good and dry before flipping. 
I read that if your cloth is rough and bumpy after priming you could give it a sanding and it should help resolve that. I did not do that to mine though. It was rougher but since it was just going to be downstairs instead of in a kitchen or bedroom, I left it.
Once the primer was good and dry, I painted the whole thing with 2 coats of my main base coat of paint.
Side note… make sure you don’t have to move your cloth the entire time you are painting it! 
We had some crazy hard rain and I had to quickly run into our garage and roll it up because our garage sometimes likes to flood when we have heavy rain and I did not want it to get wet. Hence the wrinkles now in it.
 Before I painted the design, I quickly drew out what I had in mind on a piece of paper so I wasn’t just fully winging it. 
I then used white paint to draw/paint my whole design on the rug that way if I messed up or didn’t like the placement of something, I could just paint back over it with the blue and readjust. I actually did that in two areas and it was easy to correct.
Once I was happy with the design, I got to painting the whole design. 
I had to decide what would be the base colors and top accents and paint accordingly.
Once all the base coats were dry, I went back adding all the additional details. 
I tried to spread each color into each item in some way.
Then once the design was complete, I traced the whole thing in dark gray paint. 
Once the paint was completely dry, I waited over night again, I gave the whole thing two coats of polyurethane to make it easy to clean up if something got on it.
It looks awesome in my down in the room in my laundry area. 
Definitely helps add some more brightness and fun to a space that well, normally isn’t so fun.
It sits slightly under some of my drying racks that I have in the area to dry out clothes but you can definitely still see the whole thing since they are both open racks.
This project cost was cheap for me since I only bought the two drop clothes and then had to buy a new can of primer. All the other paint I used was left over paint we had from paint projects around our house. 
If you don’t have lots of left over paint cans like me, you could always buy small sample cans and that should do you pretty good unless you are using a large amount of a color and the size of your rug.
I’m glad I finally did this. I was nervous for a while but it looks great! 🙂

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  • Pam Jackson
    June 29, 2018 at 3:00 pm

    Adorable. I love your design on there also.