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Kimberly from Quirky Cool Blog is here with an easy DIY Gallery Wall tutorial for you today.
Hey everyone I’m Kimberly Noelle from Quirky Cool Blog! I’m so excited to be here helping out Allison while she spends time with her new baby! 
Today I’d  like to share with you a quick, affordable and may I say beautiful Diy gallery wall I came up with for my main wall in my living room. It would even be a great gift for those decorating enthusiasts and nature lovers!
I love books, I especially love old books with vintage prints. I had recently picked up a variety of bird and butterfly vintage print books at a local flea market. I was hoping to find some vintage botanical books with prints but I wasn’t lucky enough. However, I’m still on the hunt! I love birds, I love flowers, and I love anything to do with nature when it comes to paintings, and pictures, and art, so I figured what a great way and affordable way to display a beautiful book of art on a wall. This is something you could do with any type of vintage book full of pictures and prints. I’ve seen some pretty cool old children’s books that would be fantastic to cut and frame for a child’s bedroom.

The vintage bird and insect books I picked up at our local flea market. I scored all 4 for less than 20 dollars.

I picked up some white frames with white matting from Michaels. They were on sale for 6 dollars.  I knew I wanted to do a gallery wall so I picked up 4 one week and then decided I needed to add to the wall and picked up 4 more  the following week. I simply marked my favorite pictures, cut them with a razor and framed them. It was that easy! You can even get the smaller frames for smaller prints. Such a great way to display art from a book (if you don’t mind cutting pages out).

I even scored these two task lamps for 15 bucks at Ross! I have been wanting a few for so long but couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on them. They can be pricey!

A big Thank You to Allison for allowing me to share my project on her blog. Please stop by anytime over at Quirky Cool Blog for Diy’s, crafts, and upcycles.
Peace In Love Always,

It looks fabulous Kimberly! Thanks for sharing!


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