DIY Holiday Plates

I have a fun and super simple project for you today. 
This isn’t a new idea but I finally got around to trying it myself with a group of friends that came over for a little craft day/cookie exchange.
Did you know you can use sharpie paint pens to create your own plates with any design you would like?! It’s true and it is so fun and easy! 

Here is how to create some for yourself.
 -Ceramic Plate
-Oil Based Paint Pens, these are Sharpies

It is very hard to see but I used a pencil to sketch out my design first. 
Now just take your paint pens and create your plates. 

The paint goes on real smooth and dries quickly.
Once you are done, if you still see any of the pencil marks, just wipe them off and then it is time to bake! 

You will bake the plate for 30 mins at 350 degrees. I recommend leaving the plate in the oven for a few minutes while it begins to cool down.

Some of the colors change once baked so I recommend perhaps buying a spare plate and just testing each color on first and baking to see what the final results look like.

But I love that you can overlap and layer the colors and you can still see all of them once it is baked.

I created this little Santa plate at the party with my friends and I used orange as his face color because that was all I had and as you can see it went darker. But that’s ok! It just looks like Santa spent his off season in the Caribbean. LOL

But I love how it came out! He’s rather cute!

I enjoyed this new craft a lot. So easy and fun!
And if you don’t think you can free hand a design, just use some stencils or create some of your own with a cutting machine and some vinyl!

Also, these are hand wash only! DO NOT put in your dishwasher! 

Hope you make some holiday plates of your own!
This would even be a great craft for kids of all ages to do! They can make their own Santa plate, or any type of plate. Give it as a give or keep it! So fun! 


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