DIY “O Holy Night” Painted Sign

Happy Monday everyone! 
Did you have a good weekend?!
We had a great weekend in our neck of the woods. We had a great family day on Saturday then we received our first snow Sunday which they girls were super eager to get out and play in.
I am here today with a new project I created to place over our mantle this holiday season. 
 I bought this metal cut Nativity set last Christmas. It arrived after I already had all our decorations up so it just kinda got place in an odd spot for the season. This year I new I wanted it on the mantle so up it went in front of some lighted garland. 
I bought the white trees at Target the day after Christmas last year and thought they would make a great addition for some height to the mantle.
 Once I had that all arranged, I quickly realized something was desperately needed on the wall above the nativity so after thinking a bit, I thought why not create something that works with the whole scene. 
This was a quick project which is great.
-Piece of wood cut to the size you need. You could also use a canvas
-Painter’s tape
-Cardstock or Vinyl
-Acrylic Paint
-Paint Brushes

Before I begin, there are a few different ways you could do this project. 
You could do it the way I’m about to share.
You could paint the entire piece gold, use vinyl to place the design down, paint over it white and then remove the vinyl. OR you could simply follow the first few steps and then use vinyl to apply the design instead of painting it like I did. 
But here’s how I decided to do it.
 I went digging in all of our spare wood we have left over from projects and found this 12×18 piece that was the perfect size.
 I began by taping off the edge of my board with 1 in. painter’s tape. I lined the edge of the tape up with the edge of the board to give myself a small border.
Once I had the tape firmly down, I painted the center white.
I painted 2 coats of white and then let the paint dry a few minutes before removing the tape.
Once the tape was removed, I was left with a crisp line for borders. 
Next I painted the border with gold metallic paint. I just free handed this part but if you don’t think you can keep the crisp line then you can tape off the edge of the white. Just make sure the white paint is completely dry before doing so! 
I cut out my design using my silhouette machine to the size that worked best for the size of the wood.
I cut it out on cardstock paper and then used spray adhesive to make it a removable stencil. 
I smoothed the stencil down well making sure all the areas where I would paint were completely down.
Paint the wording with the gold paint.
Tip: When using a stencil, try to paint away from the edge to prevent bleeding. 
Remove the stencil and see your design! 
I did have to touch up a tiny bit of bleeding with white but not much at all. 
The trees on the mantle have a little bit of glitter so to tie that in to the trees I used some gold Stickles to place a line of glitter on the line where the gold and white meet.
I did it super thin but it was the perfect final touch.
It worked out so nicely above the Nativity scene and trees on the mantle. 
I love how it all turned out! 
Here is a full shot of our mantle along with our stockings.
I like how rather simple and monochromatic the whole thing is and it goes well on our reclaimed wood mantle shelf that I had Travis build me last year for Christmas.


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