DIY Rustic Christmas Tree Stand

Happy Tuesday everyone! 
Have you fully recovered from the going back to work after a long holiday break yesterday? 
In case you haven’t, I have something for you today that you can look at and decide if you want to attempt this coming weekend. 
 Travis’s parents were taking down their old wood barn to replace it with
something better for their horses so while we were in TN over the
summer we piled up a whole bunch of pieces and brought them back with
us. I wasn’t sure what they’d be used for but they were coming. I came up with two projects then it hit me, why not make a cool Christmas tree stand using it? This is what Travis came up with and created for me.
Here is how you can make one for yourself! 
-Wood (we used reclaimed but you can used new as well)
-Table Saw
-Nail Gun
-Wood Glue

He began by cutting the wood on the table saw into 1″ thick pieces. 
He cut 22 1″x18″ pieces as well as 22 1″x22″ pieces.
He also cut out 4, 2″ tall pieces to use as feet. 
Then it was time to assemble the boxes.
He took two 18″ pieces and placed them inside the 22″ pieces and glued and nailed them together so two sides measure 22″ and the other two measure 20″
He created 11 boxes overall to make the height of the main body 11″ tall.
Time to build! 
Nail one of the boxes onto the feet and then you will build upward alternating the boxes so that one layer the 20″ side faces the front, then the next box has the 22″ side facing the front. 
This will give it a stair step look though they will all be even.
Continue building until you have the desired height. 
The overall height of the stand is 13″ high.
Here you can see how they layers overlap each other.
As he was building, he placed some boards in the center for stability as well as this will be what holds the pole of the tree.
He also placed a board on the top.
He didn’t take a photo of this but you will drill a hole completely through the top board as well as the middle board the size of the pole for the tree. The last, bottom board, the hole was completely drilled through but just big enough for the tip of the pole to fit in so the tree wouldn’t wabble.
  And that’s it! 
I placed it on top of our actual tree skirt to protect our wood floors and under the tree skirt I placed one of those rug grip pads so the skirt wouldn’t shift as well. 
The box is pretty heavy so I didn’t think it would move but just wanted to be on the safe side.
Now place your tree inside and get to decorating! 
I wasn’t so sure about it at first because this wasn’t exactly the design I asked him to create but it has definitely grown on me and I do really like the way it turned out in the end. 
The newest member to the family, Miss Poppy, sure has enjoyed it and exploring her first Christmas tree. Good thing Travis added extra slats on top so she can’t climb inside the base!
Do you have tree stand other than the traditional one that comes with a tree?


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