DIY Snow Globe

Miss P suddenly got the idea in her head that she wanted a snow globe and that she would like to make it.
So after a week of her begging to go buy supplies, we finally were able to run to the craft store during one of our outings.

 These are super easy to create as well so that is all the better.
Miss S got to make one as well which they both love. 
-Miniature Figurines (bought these at Michael’s)
-Small snow globe or Mason Jar (found snow globe at Michael’s) 
-E6000 Glue or something similar 
-Glue Gun
-Sand paper 
-Thread Sealing Tape (optional)

Begin by sanding the bottom of the figurines along with the base where they will be glued so just rough them up slightly.
Then use the E6000 glue to glue the figurines down and let dry for 24 hrs.
Using your glue gun or the E6000, glue some glitter or fake snow pieces around the figurines to cover the rest of the base. 
 Put glitter in the globe portion then fill with water. You could also use glycerin to make the glitter fall slower but water works perfectly fine and well, it is always in your house. 
Time to put the snow globe together. 
This globe came in two pieces, the piece that the figurines are glued to which just gets pushed into the globe then there is an outer screw cap that goes on which is the base. You can either glue around the center piece that the figurines are on then push it in place or we chose to just push it in and then used thread sealing tape to help seal the outer cap and it has worked perfectly!
 The girls love their new snow globe! 
Not sure I’ll be able to pack them away after the holidays are over. 🙂
Have you ever made a snow globe?


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