DIY Travel Memories Board

Spring Break is happening across the country, which of course means road trips and making memories. Keep track of all those memories you make on these fun DIY travel memory boards . They’re completely custom, and with a few hours and a couple tools, anyone can create their own.

Hey readers, this is Molly from Just a Little Creativity back again this month to share how to make your own travel memory board. Use these boards to customize your space with a map or favorite quote in any color you’d like. Then pin your ticket stubs, photos, airline tickets, travel brochures, all the special things you collect along the way.
You don’t need any special machines or projectors to create yours, only my secret favorite art tool- carbon paper. It’s available in most office supply sections in the big box stores, and I’m sure you can find it online too.
You’ll also need a cork bulletin board, a pencil, tape, paint, and a print out of your state, country, quote, etc.
I just do a quick google search to find what I’m looking for regarding maps.

Measure your bulletin board so you know how large to print your image.
For my US map board, I had to print the map in four different pieces. Size you image accordingly on whatever document program you use.

Then, put the pieces of the map together, overlapping where you need to, and hold the pages together with tape.

Now, place your carbon paper under the image, and trace with a pencil. You’ll need to press hard to make sure the image transfers to the cork.

Then, like a coloring book, simply paint in the image. No special type of paint is needed. I’ve made a few of these and have used chalk paint, house paint, and regular craft paint.
They all require at least two coats to give it a solid covering.

Let it dry completely before pinning anything to it, usually only a few hours.

I had a larger map that I made a few years ago, and my daughter took it with her to hang in her dorm room. It’s come in very handy as a jewelry holder, lol.

I make a quote memory board is exactly the same process, except I’d recommend using a sharpie or paint pen for the finer lines.
You’re welcome to click and save this quote I created on PicMonkey and use it for your own board if you’d like.

Simply print it, cut it out, and place it wherever you’d like on your bulletin board.

Again, trace with the carbon paper.

Use your pen to fill in the words.

I also painted and distressed the wood frame around this bulletin board using chalk paint.

It’s a real life Pinterest board holding all your favorite travel mementos.


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  • Christine Vandormolen
    March 16, 2016 at 7:23 pm

    I luv luv luv this project…pinning for future projects!!!! HUGS Christine from Little Brags

  • Mariz Denver
    June 2, 2016 at 12:14 pm

    Love the travel memories board. This is going to be my weekend project. Thanks for sharing!

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