DIY Trio of Sunflower Canvases

Hello everyone.  This is Donna from Modern on Monticello.  
Today I am sharing what I call a fun way to relieve stress by painting a trio of canvases with a sunflower theme.

I am NOT an artist by any means, but I do love to paint creative projects whether it is furniture, ceramics, or whimsical canvas designs.  Especially when I have had a stressful week and this past week was no exception.  Dealing with miscommunication issues with a contractor can do that and make your big project behind on schedule.
To clear my head I decided to finish a creative painting project I started some time ago.
I love sunflowers and they are actually a very easy flower to paint.  I had started a trio of canvases with partial images of a sunflower, all in different color palettes, that would hang together to create a complete image, but I never completed two of them.  So with brushes in hand I finally finished this project.

My method of drawing the sunflowers is so simple.  I use chalk to create the basic outline of the picture.  If I don’t like how it looks, I can just erase the lines and start over.  Then I use acrylic paints in my choice of colors and color in the lines.

This is free form painting at it’s best!  Whatever I don’t like, I paint over or add a different color to.  For this trio, I tried to add a hint of color from the other canvases to each one.  There really aren’t any rules, you just paint to relieve stress or just have fun.    That was the whole purpose of this project.

My daughter has decided she wants these for her bedroom wall but for this post, I hung them on my bathroom wall to display.  These were fun and whimsical and so easy to create.
What do you do to clear your mind after a stressful week?

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