Double-Sided Infinity Scarf from Mabey She Made It

 Lisa from Mabey She Made It is here today sharing a tutorial for a double-sided infinity scarf. 

Hi! I’m Lisa from Mabey She Made It, a DIY craft and sewing blog, and I’m excited to be part of Allison’s guest post line-up! 
 I’ll admit that I’m not much of a scarf wearer–not that I don’t like them, I just don’t usually take the time to accessorize my outfits since most days I’m at home with a 2-year-old and a 3-year-old. They just don’t care whether I have on jewelry or other accessories. But once I tried on an infinity scarf, my mind kind of changed. They keep my neck warm, they’re cute, and I look like I actually tried that day. Triple win. Especially during winter. 
Double-sided Infinity Scarf | Mabey She Made It #infinityscarf
 So when I bought a 1/4 yard Mystery Box from Girl Charlee
(affiliate link), I saw all the wonderful pieces of knit and knew that
some of them were the perfect size and color for an infinity scarf. And
while most infinity scarves I’ve seen have been one piece of fabric, I
really wanted to use some coordinating fabrics that were just awesome

Double-sided Infinity Scarf | Mabey She Made It #infinityscarf
Would you like to make one (or ten) for yourself? 
Follow along!
  1. Start by cutting two pieces of knit 11″ by the width of your fabric. Mine was 60″ wide, and it’s perfect. If you want just one fabric, you can save a step and just cut your knit 22″ by the width.
  2. Put the pieces together right sides together, and sew both sides together, leaving a couple inches gap on ONE side (for turning later).Double-sided Infinity Scarf | Mabey She Made It #infinityscarf
  3. Start pinning the two openings together, right sides together and lining up the seams.Double-sided Infinity Scarf | Mabey She Made It #infinityscarf
  4. Now sew all around the circle so you get a circular tube. At some point, you’ll have to kind of shove all the fabric inside the tube like this:Double-sided Infinity Scarf | Mabey She Made It #infinityscarf
  5. Turn the scarf right-side-out using the gap on the side seam.
  6. Sew up your gap (either by hand or with a machine), press, and you’re ready to wear it!
Double-sided Infinity Scarf | Mabey She Made It #infinityscarf

Thanks for following along as we made a double-sided infinity scarf! 
I’d love it if you came over to Mabey She Made It for more fun ideas!


Thanks for sharing Lisa! 


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  • Erica {let why lead}
    January 7, 2014 at 10:21 pm

    It's so cute, Lisa! I love the fabric combo, and I'm guessing it will get plenty of use during your Idaho winter!