Easy Bunny Sign

Happy President’s Day! 
How was your weekend? 
Did you have a great Valentine’s Day? I hope so!! 
My weekend was great! I actually a few craft projects completed and one almost completed. YAY!!! 
And today you get to see one of those projects that I completed and I must say, I LOVE IT! 
 I was shopping one day and saw something similar in a store and looked around to see if I could make a version myself and I did just that. 
The original version was just painted on a board with a few added details and I wanted to make mine a not so flat.
After browsing I found the wood bunny and the board and I was ready to roll! 
-Large Wood Board
-Wood Bunny
-Acrylic Paint
-Wood glue
-Hot Glue Gun

Begin by painting the background blue.
I then antiqued the edges with white and gray paint but this is optional.
I chose to paint my bunny white but you could paint it any color you’d like.
Using gray paint, add the details to the bunny. Ears, nose, eyes, legs etc.
I then used some yellow ribbon to tie a bow around the bunny neck.
I took a cotton ball and pulled it apart and glued it in the place for his tail. 
And he turned into the cutest little bunny ever!! 
At this time, use some good wood glue or all purpose glue to glue the bunny to the background.
I then stacked some books on top of the bunny to ensure that it was glued evenly to the board.
While the bunny is drying, cut out some triangles out of fabric to use as flags on your bunting banner.
Using hot glue, glue the flags to some twine.
Glue as many as you’d like to make up the banner. 
 If you notice in the picture above, you can see where the fabric overlaps so just take some scissors and trim off the little extra corners. 
Place the banner where you want it onto the board.
Then just hot glue the twine to the back of the board.
And that’s it!! 
Now you have a fun new decor piece to display for Easter! 
This is definitely up there with one of my favorite projects!

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