Easy Customized Fabric Tote

Miss S starts preschool next week but her registration was last week where we had to take all her supplies. She is only going two days a week for a few hours but while there, she will have a nap time so we had to take a blanket and pillow for her. 
I didn’t want to just take them loose or in a plastic bag because I didn’t want it to just be thrown away so I thought a small tote of some sort would be perfect so it can just stay at school, she could keep her stuff in it, and when we needed to bring the items home for a wash, it would be easy to grab.
This is what I came up with, a decorated premade tote perfect for her nap time essentials. 
It is so easy. I made it during a quick nap time.
This is even a great project to let your kids do themselves if they are old enough.
-Canvas tote (premade or make one yourself)
-Fabric Markers
-Poster board, card stock, or card board
 I bought everything for this in the craft department of my local Wal-Mart store. The markers are Tulip Brand and I bought both the fine and brush tip sets for easy drawing and coloring. 
I washed and ironed the tote to make sure it was clean and free of most wrinkles then I started by simply drawing out a design on the tote with the fine tip black marker. 
I talked to Miss S to see what she wanted and just kinda put stuff here and there of what we discussed.
Then just color it in. Color it all of leave some of it white, totally up to you or your child.
I did a quick little drawing on the back as well so it wasn’t so plain.
These markers had to set for 24 hrs before considering washing the tote.
We filled it with her pillow, a blanket, and then a small doll and it was the perfect fit! 
Miss S was very excited to take it to school to leave in her locker! 
Hopefully it will be useful this coming year for us! 
See! Told you it was fast, easy, and the perfect activity for you or your child to do! 
Would be a cute gift for a teacher or child’s friend as well. 🙂

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