Easy “Gather” Sign

Since we finally got around to painting and redoing our kitchen, I’m now trying to figure out how I want to decorate the space.
I had a few ideas of what I wanted such as farm house touches, perhaps a little vintage, it was now that fact of me finding what would work in our newly revamped space.
I knew I wanted a sign of sorts. 
Did I want something that said Kitchen, Bakery, Eat… I wasn’t against it but it had to be the right sign.
So while I was browsing around Hobby Lobby for some accessories I saw a sign that said “gather.” I thought that would be perfect for the kitchen but the sign was too big for the space so I thought, what if I made one! 
And here is what I created. 
This was seriously SOOOOO easy! 
I even made it in like 15 mins! 

-Wood pallet with frame (I bought this at Hobby Lobby)
-Vinyl or cardstock
-Stencil brush or paint brush
-Sand paper
 -Cutting machine
I started by finding a pretty font in my Silhouette software that looked like handwriting and typed up gather. 
I cut it out on regular cardstock paper but you could use vinyl as well.
Then using the NEGATIVE, I taped the now stencil to my wood.
Make sure you keep the center parts of you letters, like for the “e,” otherwise you won’t actually letters. 
 Time to begin stenciling.
Using a stencil brush and pounce the paint on the letters. 
If you are using paper, use your fingers to push down the paper to try to prevent paint bleed.
Continue painting the whole stencil.
Then peel away.
And once you peel it away, you are left with word! 
Easy peasy! 
I let the paint dry a few minutes and then I sanded over the word a little bit. 
It isn’t super sanded but enough to take down any high points of the paint and to not make the white super bright white anymore. 
In real life, you can see that the wood grain is coming through the paint more. 
Time to hang it up on the wall! 
I just used two command picture hanging strips to hang it above the board and batten we put up next to our kitchen table.
I’m really happy with how it came out and how well it works with the new color scheme.
Can’t go wrong with a super fast project that gets completed and hung all within a 15-20 minute time frame! 
Hopefully I will be able to share the full kitchen reveal next month after our new counters are installed. 🙂


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  • srpprcrftr
    July 22, 2016 at 3:43 am

    Another winner sign and great effect in your kitchen. Love this sign also.