Easy Mini Tree Bunting Banner

“This post is brought to you by Core’Dinations and Blueprint Social. The opinions are 100% my own.” 
 I have a fun tutorial for you today using a totally awesome new product, Glitter Prints from Core’Dinations, which is actuallly unique, smooth glitter paper designed for printing on with your inkjet printer. How cool is that?! 
You can now print on glitter! Easy and no mess, the glitter does not flake off! It is extremely easy to personalize and use since it works with any inkjet printer at home or in the office and prints with vibrant colors! 

Are you ready to see what I created? 
Here ya go… 

 If you’ve been around AGI for a while now, you know that I LOVE me some glitter in my Christmas decorations so I was super excited to check out this new product to add more glitter without the mess. 
Here’s how easy it is to use this new Glitter Print paper and to make this banner.
-Paper Cutting
-Of course, an inkjet printer
-and Tape (ignore the glue gun!)

 To begin, decide what you would like on your banner. It could be a saying, just different words you want to place around your tree, perhaps lyrics to a Christmas song, whatever! 
I chose to use “believe in magic” and just typed it out in a word document. If you are curious, I used the font “Livewell” which I think I got from a special site but I am sure they are ones similar out there.
The font size is 76 and I spaced the letters 3 spaces apart from each other. I also double spaced the rows of letters. 
Then just place the Glitter Print paper in your printer and hit print. 
It printed fabulously! 
After you print out the letters, it is time to cut the rows apart.
Using a paper cutter, trim down the rows. Leave about a 1/4 in or so above each row of letters and leave a good amount of space below each letter. I placed the cut rows on top of each other to make sure they were all the same height.
Next, cut the letters apart. To ensure that the bunting flags are relatively the same size fold each letter on top of the next one trying to center the letters on each other. Crease the paper and this is where you will cut.
Cut all the letters apart and if need be, trim any flags that may still be too large.
I wanted to add points at the bottom of the flag but this is totally optional. You can leave them as is, you can round them, up to you! 
I just free handed the cutting with scissors but you could try using a cutting machine for this process.
Just cut from one corner to the center of the paper and repeat on the other side.
Cut the points in all the flags and then lay out your words.
If you do more than one word, place a blank flag between the words for the space.
Now to create the banner as a whole. 
Just cut some twine and use some scotch tape to the tape the twine to the back of each letter. 
Be sure to REVERSE your word when you flip your letters to apply the twine or your word will be backwards. (Not that I’m talking from experience or anything. 😉 lol)
 I made 3 separate banners so I could hang them around the tree but you could always hang them in one long string.
Once it is complete it is time to trim the tree!
I angled the words down the tree.
All you have to do is tie the twine around a tree branch. Simple!! 
Just weave the banners around your tree and it is ready to go! 
And when the lights go on, the glitter shimmers so pretty!! 
While I was in the banner making mood, I whipped up this “Give Thanks” banner and hung it on the mirror in our dining room. I used the same font but changed the font size to 100 to make it a little bigger.
See how pretty the red ink looks on the paper?! So fun!! 
Core’dinations Glitter Prints are now available at Hobby Lobby and Michaels (under Michaels private label) and coming to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores and A.C. Moore in early 2016! So be sure to pop on over to one of these stores and buy some for yourself and get crafty and make your own holiday items

This would be great as gift tags (which they sell), create a holiday printable and print it on this paper, you could even print pictures of the people you are giving gifts to and use those as your gift tags. Skies the limit! 

I love how this came out and I think I am going to make one large banner with lyrics to a Christmas song on it for our large tree.  

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