Easy Paper Straw Mini Easels

Miss P turns five TOMORROW! How can that be?
We had her art party on Sunday with her friends and I actually didn’t make my normal amount of decor for her party as I usually do but I did make these cute little easels to hold mini canvases as name tags.
These are quick and easy and only require a few supplies. 
Here’s how you can make some for yourself.
-Paper Straws
-Hot Glue Gun
-Mini Canvases (bought these at Wal-Mart)
 You will use two straws per easel.
Begin by cutting the straws so you have two 4 in. pieces, and then two 3 1/2 to 3 3/4 in. 
Glue the 4 in. pieces at the end so they create an upside down V.
Next, glue one of the shorter pieces on top of the V pieces and now it looks like the letter A.
This piece will be what the canvas sits on.
Lastly, glue the last short piece to the back of the V where the other two piece meet. Center it right in the center of those two pieces.
You easel should lean back slightly so your canvas doesn’t slip off the little ledge.
And that’s it!! 
Perfect mini easels for fun mini paintings!! 
Stay tuned next week for a full party recap post! 🙂


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