Easy Valentine Bark

I am back today with a much happier post.
It contains chocolate which ALWAYS makes me happy! 
Bark isn’t a new idea. There are tons of different versions out there.
I thought it would be fun to make some Valentine Bark and it is something that the girls could help with. 
 Bark is seriously so easy to create! 
-Sanding Sugar
-Conversation Hearts
Or any other candy you would like on your bark.

Melt the chocolate according to the package directions.
Place wax paper on a cookie sheet.
Spread the melted chocolate on the wax paper.
Time to put the toppings on.
I started with the M&Ms since it was largest item I was using.
Sprinkles next.
 And lastly the sanding sugar.
Place the finished bark in the refrigerator until it is hard.
Once it is hard, pull it out, break it up, and it is ready to eat! 
See! Super easy and you can do so much! 
We normally make peppermint bark during Christmas along with milk chocolate with nuts. So yummy!! 

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