Easy Vinyl Trash Can Labels

We have two trash cans in our house, one for regular trash and the other is for recyclables. 
Even though the cans are two different colors, black for trash, white for recyclables, we always have tell and remind our guests which is which, and we have had to add labels for our guests to make sure items end up in the proper trash can. 
I have been wanting to do this for a long time now so I finally got some vinyl from Expressions Vinyl to do it.
 This was SUPER easy and fast to do as well and again, these days, I LOVE fast and easy projects. 

Our trash cans have lids to keep little hands out of the trash and on the lids are these little indentions. I measured out the space so I would know how large to make the designs.
Also, before I applied the vinyl, I made sure to clean the tops of the lids and let them dry.
I whipped open my Silhouette software and downloaded the Recycle symbol and a trash can.
I cut out each image and then also cut out the words “trash and recyclables” in regular Indoor Vinyl.
 I used green indoor vinyl to cut out the recycle symbol and then used a light yellow for the letters.
You would normally use transfer tape to apply the vinyl but I decided to just wing it and place each item and letter myself. 
I then cut out the trash can in gray indoor vinyl and layered them for the dimension and then used the same yellow vinyl for the letters.
They turned out perfectly and it will be so nice to not keep having to remind our guests which trash can is which.


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