Easy Witch Wreath

Happy Tuesday! 
I hope you all had a fantastic Labor Day weekend. 
We had lots of fun family time over the last four days but today is a big day for two reasons. One- I CRAFTED and have more things in the works!  Second- it is Miss P’s first day of Kindergarten! How is this possible?! 
I will share more on that at a later date and now back to the craft. 
It is officially September so even though I have a hard time wrapping my brain around fall already, I really have a hard time thinking about Halloween but I that is actually what I have for you today!
 I went shopping with Miss P last week and we came up with this idea together after spotting the fun picks at Michael’s. 
Here’s how easy it is to create one for yourself. 
– Small grapevine wreath (Mine is slightly oval)
-Krylon Metallic Spray Paint in Black
-Picks- witch hat, feet, pumpkins, cat or whatever else you’d like to add
-Hot Glue Gun
I began by spray painting my wreath black and let it dry fully.
I used the metallic black spray paint from Krylon to add a little shimmer to the wreath without it being crazy shiny.
I then took some tulle and tied it around the wreath. You could also use ribbon or twine but I used the tulle to blend it in with the rest of the skirt.
Cut strips of the tulle in your desired length for the tulle. I cut a whole bunch at once before tying and didn’t bother to make sure they were straight on the ends because it added some texture to the end of the skirt. I held them next to each other while cutting but some of slightly longer, some a little shorter. 
Tie the tulle around the front band of tulle around the wreath. 
I then cut some black shimmer ribbon and added it into the skirt.
You can always make them longer and add more. Just do what you like. 
Once the skirt was complete I added all the other fun picks.
I glued the hat to the top of the wreath a little off centered. 
 Glued the feet to the bottom sticking out from under the skirt so you could see the socks and everything. 
Then added a little pumpkin to the waist band of the skirt.
And that’s it! 
You can easily change it up to make it however you like! Different color skirt, more black, add orange, whatever you like. It is so easy!  
It will be a fun little addition to the door for Halloween night! 
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  • Cath Brookes
    September 13, 2017 at 9:24 am

    This is an awesome wreath – very festive and bright! What a great craft. Heck, each kid can like make one too (for their room!)

    Cath Brookes
    Veritable Salmon Fishing Alaska