Embossed Wood Bird Ornaments + Trim the Tree Blog Hop

Christmas is around the corner and with Thanksgiving next week already, time to decorate your Christmas tree, or trees, is around the corner too!

I have teamed up with a ton of other bloggers for a Trim the Tree blog hop!
There are over 35 different ideas to add some fun homemade items to your tree this year.

But before you check out the blog hop at the end of this post, here is what I created for you.

They are so easy and quick to make too.
Here is how to make some for yourself.
-Wood Bird Cutouts (bought at Michaels but an be found at many craft stores.)
-Acrylic Paint
-Embossing Powder
-Embossing Gun
-Embossing Liquid
-Paint Brushes
-Hot Glue Gun

Begin by painting the wood in the color of the embossing powder you are using. 
You don’t have to do this but I didn’t want to risk the plain wood color shining through the powder.
Using the Embossing Dadder, apply the liquid all over the birds and then sprinkle the embossing powder on top.
I chose to use embossing powder with glitter in it.

Using your embossing gun, melt the embossing powder.
The birds all shiny after I used the heat gun on them.
To hang them, take some ribbon and create a loop using hot glue to keep it together.
Then just hot glue the loop to the back of the bird.
And they are done and ready to hang!!
 Love me red cardinal.
I didn’t use embossing powder on the branch and leaves but did use some metallic paint to give it a little shine as well. 
Thought I would do a white one to represent a dove as well.
I even did the same thing with the wood word “family” and it looks great!
Here is the grouping all together!
Love how they came out!

Don’t have a embossing gun?!
No worries, just use glitter or you can even just paint the wood and add some metallic paint to it.

Are you ready to check out other great ideas to help trim your tree?
Here ya go!!
Trim the Tree this Christmas with more than 35 ideas to inspire from your favorite bloggers! #trimthetree
Have you started decorating for the Holidays?
Over 35 of your favorite bloggers have come together to share their fun and festive ideas.
From Ornaments to Tree Skirts,  you are sure to be inspired by all of these amazing homemade ideas to Trim the Tree! 

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  • MrsMajor Hoff
    November 20, 2014 at 11:06 pm

    Love the birdies! So pretty! It's been fun "hopping" with ya!